Windows XP ISO

It’s been nearly 20 years since it reached the market. Why Windows XP iso still survive? We can find several reasons. One is that it was an operating system that marked an era, as it also did Windows 95. After this release, arrived in Windows 98, 2000 and Windows ME, with greater or lesser success.

Windows XP iso was, in comparison with their predecessors, a breakthrough in terms of speed and stability. Its successor, Windows Vista (released in November 2006) was considered by many users seen as a step backwards. So much so that it was the first time that he began to speak of the “downgrade” to XP.

When Microsoft decided to finish with the updates of Windows XP, one of every four users of computers around the world used this version, according to NetMarketShare. The Security (or lack thereof before the arrival of the end of support and updates) has been one of the main arguments of Microsoft to promote Windows XP update to other more modern versions of the operating system.

How to Install Windows 95 ISO

And the truth is that the end of the support marked a turning point in the market share of Windows XP iso. Statistic Id543185 Global Number Of Internet Users 2012 2015 By Operating SystemFuente: Statista.Por what we could talk to active users of Windows XP, that there are no updates to the operating system and, therefore, be a greater security risk It is the main reason for leaving this software.

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Some users are resistant to change, even when there are bugs. Carmen Esteban, for example, account with the help of his son to fix some things when your computer breaks down, but, like other users, does not see with good eyes this policy of Microsoft end XP support. “I think it is wrong, too much hurry to sell new things and get money (pasa les same thing which the Apple),” he said.

Sixteen years after leaving the market, Windows XP iso seems doomed, despite still have their defenders.