Viking Axe, this is the oldest in the world

This viking axe it is a small piece of stone as small as 11 millimeters, but an Australian team of archaeologists claims that it belongs to the oldest known ax. According to dating, it was carved by the first settlers of Australia about 44 to 49,000 years ago. The discovery of this viking axe surpasses in more than 10,000 years the similar instruments that are known, and throws new cellars on the technological development of our ancestors. The importance of the viking axe is that it points to the fact that it…

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Health Pop 

Cotton Candy Machine and the artificial organs

It may seem absurd, almost grotesque. To make artificial human organs using a cotton candy machine? As such would not be possible, of course, but the principle of functioning of such machines could be adapted for the construction of others capable of making artificial human organs, starting with the simplest ones, such as kidneys, liver and bones. For several years, Leon Bellan of Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, has been tinkering with cotton candy machine, causing them to produce networks of tiny strands comparable in size, density, and complexity to the…

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Pop Technology 

Noria Air Conditioner Details and Price

Remember the primitive air conditioners? Those that placed the compressor in the exterior of our houses so that the face that was facing the wall served as a diffuser in the house. Now you have noria air conditioner. Noisy and ugly elements, since they spoiled the aesthetics of house and facade, something that little by little the manufacturers have been solving and that can go a step further with Noria . It is a project that aims to create a discreet air conditioning, with a design that is elegant and striking, minimalist that some…

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