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Top Secondary Simpsons Characters

Whats are the secondary simpsons characters? The Simpsons has five main characters. They are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, members of the family residing at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield (Neither state idea, USA). Throughout its 618 episodes, distributed in 28 seasons, appear many other personages. His interventions vary depending on the season, what main character appears most at any time or, basically, the desire of the screenwriters. A 27-year-old Irish student has analyzed which secondary character is the most prominent appearances he makes in the series. This is the result. The chart is signed by Nathan…

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6 Signs Someone Is Lying

The way your nose grows when you lie, it’s not true. Increasingly hear of non verbal language and interpretation of gestures as tools to analyze which means thee behavior of people and if matches what they say or do. This is not how you are going to notice or recognize the signs someone is lying. As Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman explains , in reality these kinds of behavioral assessments are based on hunches and intuitions about what we see. However, the results of a recent study have shown that “a brief two-second glimpse of a photo of someone was enough for people to determine if they had had a violent past.” After months of work with…

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Chinese mall installs ‘husband storage’ pods for shopping wives

Many have wondered why department stores do not have special places to rest and entertain themselves while they wait, and it seems that in China they have found the solution with the so-called ‘Husband Storage Capsules’ A few days ago at the Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai, they released a solution for wives to leave their husbands while they shop: a husband storage. Well, the mall emphasizes that they are for husbands, although anyone can have access, the idea is to pass the time and have fun while you wait . Each capsule has a chair,…

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