About eMagTrends

Bring an energizing enterprise with eMagTrends us weekly magazine as it reports dazzling improvements in science, nature, innovation, and our general surroundings. Tremendous photography and refreshingly reasonable stories on complex subjects interface regular individuals with the best thoughts and brains in science.

» The most recent news, hypotheses, and improvements in the realm of science daily

» Compelling stories and periodic trends in health and the psyche

» Environmental issues and their significance to day by day life

» Cutting-edge innovation and its effect on our future

» Thought-inciting articles from grant winning editors, conclusion creators, Nobel laureates, and researchers.

eMagTrends us weekly magazine. Extend your brain.

editor-in-chief DAVE SMITH
executive editor LUCKE GROSSMAN

contributing editor GEORGE ANTONOPOULOS
fashion market editor CAITLAN MONETA
associate fashion editor VICTORIA REYNOLDS
health and copy editor BRYAN FORD
assistant editor/research AMANDA SAVIC
photo editor ERICK TAYLOR
designer HILL SCOUT
associate designer PECK JONNHY
staff photographer DANTE SANCHEZ

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