No funciona el correo de AOL – Soluciones

Ahora mismo No funciona el correo de AOL – Soluciones, por suerte te damos soluciones para que intentes entrar al servicio. No funciona el correo de AOL – Soluciones Tengo problemas para iniciar sesión en mi cuenta – No funciona el correo de AOl – Soluciones No se puede acceder al correo de AOL? ¿Recibes una de […]


How to fix unable to connect EA servers

In this article we will tell you How to fix unable to connect EA servers so you can play again to your favourite EA games again, PC or console. At first you need to know If EA is testing a new function or preparing the servers for a new launcher. If not, you can read […]

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Wingdings Translator

Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes were the creators of one of the most enigmatic sources in our computers: Wingdings translator, a font that replaces traditional letters with symbols. Although it was more interesting that it remained as one of the mysteries of the computer past, its creators responded only this week the reason of being of Wingdings. […]

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How Do Fish Sleep

How do fish sleep? Fish are undoubtedly one of the rarest animals on the planet. If we think about it, life originated in the sea, so in fact the rare ones would be us, but from our point of view these vertebrates have properties that distinguish them. One of them would be the habit of […]

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Raspberry Pi Pinout Official

Pin GPIO ( G eneral P urpose I nput O utput) of the Raspberry PI Pinout allow us to work with electronics easy way we could also do with Arduino . There are 26 pins organized in two rows of 13, and each of the pins either has its specific function or is of general purpose, I am going to show the distribution of the pins of the Raspberry PI Rev 2.0 , since […]

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Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date

The Raspberry Pi 4 release date is on 2018 with a special edition. For next year 2018 I’m not very clear where to go, but in principle and without complicating much I would say: 3D definitive driver included in the kernel mainline Linux in version 4.9 or 4.10 new Raspberry Pi 4 with do not know what improvements: same processor faster? 2GB […]