How to Tie a Tie Quick and Easy

Would you like to know how to tie a tie? Follow our steps and you will do one quick and easy. Initially worn for warmth by soldiers, the tie showed up in France amid the rule of Louis XIII. Around then, Croatian warriors were enrolled by the lord of France. They wore a hitched scarf around their necks. A few history specialists even imagine that the word for tie in French, cravate, is a twisting of the word croate.

Around 1650 ties were worn at the court of Louis XIV. There was rivalry to see who could wear the most rich and bold attire by including trim and silk strips. This design spread all through Europe.

Worn by the rich and by dandies, the tie stayed chic amid the next century. It additionally experienced a few changes. Now Its very important to know how to tie a tie.

A more utilitarian tie created amid the second 50% of the nineteenth century because of the impact of the modern transformation on materials. Another tie showed up, longer and straighter. This new style of tie, named the REGATTA, was generally worn, and is the fundamental model of the present tie.

In 1926, Jesse Langsdorf, a New York innovator, had cutting the type of the tie corner to corner over the texture and of making it with three separate pieces. This gave a more supple tie. Our present day tie was conceived.

Today, consistently, school kids in Nepal, businesspeople in Manhattan, and a huge number of men all through the world wear ties.

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How to Tie a Tie

So How to tie a tie? The simple knot is the great classic of tie knots . It is undoubtedly the most used because of its simplicity and because it combines with most neckties and with almost all shirt necks. It is the perfect knot for medium-sized men.
In elongated conical shape , the simple knot is narrow with thin ties and wider with thick ties.

Preparation: Raise the collar of your shirt, close the button and readjust your tie.
Medium-sized men will put the small part of the tie at waist level. Men with short busts will prefer the double knot whose shape is similar.

How to tie a tie:

Stage 1: Under the neck, cross the wide part over the narrow part a little further down the neck.
Step 2: Slide the wide part underneath the narrow part.
Step 3: Fold the wide part over the narrow part.
Step 4: Pass the wide side up behind the necktie by placing your index finger over the knot that is forming. Remove your finger and slide the wide part inside the knot.
Step 5: Keep the narrow part, then gently pull the wide part to close the knot. Tighten the knot, then push it up to the last button on the neck.

Once the knot is made, the narrow part should not be seen and the end of the wide part should be placed at waist level.