Noria Air Conditioner Details and Price

Remember the primitive air conditioners? Those that placed the compressor in the exterior of our houses so that the face that was facing the wall served as a diffuser in the house. Now you have noria air conditioner.

Noisy and ugly elements, since they spoiled the aesthetics of house and facade, something that little by little the manufacturers have been solving and that can go a step further with Noria .

It is a project that aims to create a discreet air conditioning, with a design that is elegant and striking, minimalist that some would say , which also boasts a facility to test the least handy.

Noria is a device that is being developed under the kickstarter platform of collective financing in Philadelphia, USA, seeking to move away the mastodontic concept that is of this type of apparatuses thanks to a small dimensions.

Noria is an air conditioning that does not offer the appearance of this type of appliance, rather it looks like a small heater given its aesthetics with a horizontal distribution of its components.

Noria is located in the window, as the portable air conditioners and the position of the grid sends the cold air flow to the roof so that it achieves a better distribution of the temperature by avoiding points of the room where the air accumulates hot.

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In addition its creators affirm that it is a very silent device, the Achilles heel of these apparatuses, counting even with a mode focused for its use in days in which it does not make excessive heat by which the external compressor stops working and Noria so Only introduces the air from the outside into the house.

Controlled by the mobile …. how not

And of course, by this time the smartphone had to appear somewhere. The reason is that we will use our phone as a remote control to control the thermostat and the functions of Noria thanks to the use of Bluetooth connectivity and an application of our own.