Raspberry Pi 4 Release Date

The Raspberry Pi 4 release date is on 2018 with a special edition. For next year 2018 I’m not very clear where to go, but in principle and without complicating much I would say:

  1. 3D definitive driver included in the kernel mainline Linux in version 4.9 or 4.10
  2. new Raspberry Pi 4 with do not know what improvements: same processor faster? 2GB of RAM? Internal NAND or eMMCmemory for the Operating System? No idea, but in February the launch sure that plates like the Orange Pi are stepping very hard
  3. And in this one I throw myself. With the new Raspberry Pi 4 you can run Windows 10 ARM just like the one shown for mobile . And more watching this ARM news : ARM will allow emulating code execution x86 and ARM Opens Its Chips For x86 Support

The theme of the possible Raspberry Pi 4 poses the usual dilemma to those who do not:

Do I buy the Raspberry Pi 3 now or wait for the Raspberry Pi 4?

And I suppose raspberry pi 4 release date will happen the same as the last two years; which triggers demand and price (I guess it will be 50 € long) and until the end of the summer you will not find it at a reasonable price (about 38 €). And you will find again that Christmas is approaching. And instead of buying it they delay it until a hypothetical future that does not know how much better and how much more expensive. That additional delay in the purchase of your first Raspberry Pi makes you then start thinking that in February 2018 comes the Raspberry Pi 5 and … back to start.

Summarizing for 2018:

  1. 3D driver with ultimate GPU acceleration
  2. new Raspberry Pi 4
  3. Windows 10 ARM for Raspberry Pi 4