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Noria Air Conditioner Details and Price

Remember the primitive air conditioners? Those that placed the compressor in the exterior of our houses so that the face that was facing the wall served as a diffuser in the house. Now you have noria air conditioner. Noisy and ugly elements, since they spoiled the aesthetics of house and facade, something that little by little the manufacturers have been solving and that can go a step further with Noria . It is a project that aims to create a discreet air conditioning, with a design that is elegant and striking, minimalist that some…

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Windows 93 is real and amazing

Windows 93? No, obviously there was no such operating system developed by Microsoft, but in the case of an intermediate version between Windows 3.X and Windows 95, it could have been similar to the artistic project developed by Jankenpopp and Zombrecto , in an authentic exercise of Computer science fiction, or at least we would have liked it to be . The project shows us the web version of an imaginary operating system that comes with dozens of surprises that will make the most nostalgic sketches a smile remembering old times and will let…

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