How Do Fish Sleep

How do fish sleep? Fish are undoubtedly one of the rarest animals on the planet. If we think about it, life originated in the sea, so in fact the rare ones would be us, but from our point of view these vertebrates have properties that distinguish them. One of them would be the habit of sleep . Have you ever wondered how the fish sleep ? Well, let’s talk about it today.

Differences between the dream of humans and that of fish

The dream is that process where living organisms take a break from their functions to replenish forces and restart. In humans, both falling asleep and closing the eyes leads to changes in the brain waves that are generated in the neocortex.

Fish, on the other hand, do not have the same brain development as mammals, so no brain wave patterns are produced . According to this concept, so, how do fish sleep? we could say that the fish do not sleep.

However, in many of these animals there is a reduction in levels of metabolism, physical activity and a low response to stimuli. This is the case of parrotfish , which at night searches for a suitable area on the seabed and there secretes a mucous cover to rest.

Fish that do not sleep

There are fish that do not sleep . Those who live in the great oceans, for example sharks or tunas, never stop swimming . This seems very strange to us, since we assume the dream as our rest. But in these animals there are other mechanisms of interaction with the environment.

Scientists have the theory that these fish do not have a daily input of unusual images, so they require less time to process the memories and do not need to sleep. The confirmation of this is offered by the blind fish that live in caves in the deep sea, which also do not sleep.

Do pet fish sleep?

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The pet fish , such as goldfish , sleep, just that their way of doing so differs from ours. At certain times of the day, it is observed that they reduce their physical activity and remain calm in a place of the fish tank. That is your way to rest and replenish your energy. So I hope you understand now do fish sleep.

Do the fish sleep with their eyes closed?

Do Fish sleep with their eyes open for a simple anatomical reason: they have no eyelids . That is why, in some way they are always alert, although they only move the fins very slightly to stabilize in the water. Also, like humans, they like to sleep in dark places, not necessarily at night, but in the dark.

As I said, fish are very rare animals. Even so, they have been able to adapt to the conditions of their environment, which determine whether a species sleeps or not, and that speaks very well of natural evolution .