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How Do Fish Sleep

How do fish sleep? Fish are undoubtedly one of the rarest animals on the planet. If we think about it, life originated in the sea, so in fact the rare ones would be us, but from our point of view these vertebrates have properties that

Viking Axe, this is the oldest in the world

This viking axe it is a small piece of stone as small as 11 millimeters, but an Australian team of archaeologists claims that it belongs to the oldest known ax. According to dating, it was carved by the first settlers of Australia about 44 to 49,000

Siberian Cat – Information and Images

The Siberian cat is a feline from the eastern part of Russia , specifically from the forests of Siberia , as its name suggests. This feline breed is one of the three that form the so-called ‘forest cats’ along with the Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon breeds, with whom it shares essential characteristics such

Semantic Memory: Definition & Exercises

What is semantic memory? Tulving was the first to establish the term of semantic memory. Semantic memory  can be defined  as a type of  memory of meanings and general knowledge  in which our concrete experiences do not intervene, nor the memory of specific events. For example, to answer the question “how many

Spiders on Drugs

The effects of drugs on spider webs are the result of an experiment: spiders on drugs, in which some arachnids were given different classes of substances. The following images confirm the effects of drugs on living beings in this case a group of spiders with

Warrior Wasp is the worst insect sting in the world

If a bee has ever bitten you, you know that the pain that causes the poison from these bugs can make you twitch for hours, and warrior wasp gives me reason. Nothing can compare to the suffering caused by those black-and-white bugs, so when we see in

Carpenter Ants Identification and Control

Everything you need to know about carpenter ants. Carpenter ants get their name because they build their nests in the wood. That can cause significant damage to the wood of a house. There are nine types of carpenter ants in North America and range in

Why Nantucket’s Frozen Waves Are So Spectacular

This last month of February has been one of the coldest in the history of the United States, and one example are the frozen waves. Temperatures have dropped so much, that we are witnessing one of the strangest phenomena of nature, the total freezing of the