Why Nantucket’s Frozen Waves Are So Spectacular

This last month of February has been one of the coldest in the history of the United States, and one example are the frozen waves. Temperatures have dropped so much, that we are witnessing one of the strangest phenomena of nature, the total freezing of the waves in motion.

Surfer Jonathan Nimerfroh came face-to-face with this picturesque phenomenon off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and did not hesitate to take some stunning photos that have traveled the world.

Nimerfroh described the waves as small and slow-moving, “a wonderful sight,” said the surfer.

Experts believe that record levels can occur, and that climate change may be triggering this excessive cold. In some places it has reached -40 ° C, with a heat sensation of -51 ° C, and even in states south, traditionally much warmer, such as Georgia and Alabama, temperatures have dropped drastically, leaving about 20 dead .

Likewise, experts point out that although they are very drastic and climate change is an indisputable variable to take into account to try to explain this phenomenon, it is also very likely that the population has forgotten, in the last two decades, how the cold seized Of these cities in a recent past. In particular, in the 70’s, about 14.7 nights of the year reached a temperature of -23 ° C; While now and in recent years, they are only reached by the waves of cold.

What is certain is that the climate is a living being in constant change and evolution, and although we try to systematize it with our methodical stations, the truth is that it has its own personality and way of manifesting itself.