Warrior Wasp is the worst insect sting in the world

If a bee has ever bitten you, you know that the pain that causes the poison from these bugs can make you twitch for hours, and warrior wasp gives me reason. Nothing can compare to the suffering caused by those black-and-white bugs, so when we see in the animal documentaries the guides talk about the insurmountable threshold of pain caused by red ants , we do not believe that there really can be anything beyond.

But this is, of course, totally false. There are hundreds of creatures ready to nail their stings and leave us immobilized. We do not know why, but this is what seems to have motivated Justin Schmidt , a long-time entomologist who now publishes in The Sting of the Wild, in his recent discoveries.

With more and more means to study biodiversity, biodiversity manifests itself in the form of discoveries of new species or more developed species. It is difficult to finalize a book of the fauna of the earth, if not impossible. And Celebes, the name by which the warrior wasp is known, is an example of this.

The entomologist Lynn Kimsey of the University of California made it known. Coming from the island of Kulawesi (Indonesia) this new warrior wasp surprises by the jaw that owns, bigger than its legs, thing that turns it a terrible enemy for the other insects.

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Although jaws are believed to serve primarily for defense and reproduction. Kimsey said: “Their jaws probably serve to protect the nest from parasites and other animals.” The jaws serve to hold the female during mating, a way to guarantee paternity. ”

It was discovered in the mountains of southeast Sulawesi Mekongga, on an expedition that sought to study biodiversity.