Windows 95 iso – How to install

Well more than some will have the need to install a Windows 95 iso or 98 to use an old program or some hardware that does not work as it should in the latest versions of Windows.

If you find yourself in this situation I will tell you that there are two ways to recover our old Windows, one may be to take our computer and install it on a small partition, and another may be to create a “virtual machine” and take care of it.

This tutorial is focused on both cases, as much as if we want to install it in a virtual machine like in our computer.

Install Windows 95 iso in a virtual machine

The first thing is to get one of these programs, currently there are several, I recommend VMware Workstation, there are currently versions for both Windows and Linux.

Once we get it we create a very simple virtual machine of about 128 mb of RAM and 3 GB of hard disk, we will not need more.

When we have it we configure our machine to boot from the CD device, either a vitual in which we have selected our ISO or a physical one, this will depend on your configuration.

Install it on a current computer

The main problem that we find in the current systems is that our hard disk is SATA because in times of Windows 95 iso or 98 that did not exist. Fortunately, the vast majority of motherboards offer the possibility of emulating that these disks are ATA type, ie the old ones. Unfortunately this is not a task that I can put here, because each motherboard is configured the BIOS in its own way, you would have to search the internet like this or try the different options offered by the BIOS of your computer.

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To know if you are in the case more and you do not have much idea a possible reference is to take into account when you bought the computer and that Windows you came pre-installed. If you bought it more ahead of the 2007 almost fixed that you are in the previous case, if it is before, you probably are not in the previous case.

Well let’s assume that the BIOS is already prepared if you find yourself in the event that you have SATA hard drive we go to the common steps.

Common Steps

Now a BIG inconvenience, if it is a laptop does not have floppy disk, something that for these Windows was necessary, but no problem there is a simple solution, boot from the CD. Many versions of Windows that you have already had a bootable CD, but I will assume that the Windows you have is not.

Well put to work, needless to say for those who will follow the option of installing it on a non-virtual computer is that you have to be very careful with partitioning and formatting because you risk losing all the information on the computer.

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We boot the computer with the HirenBoot CD loaded in the CD drive. When booting we will see a menu with several options (it also offers several partitioning utilities for our disk, I cueto the hard disk and you have to prepare it), we tell you to load MS-DOS with CD support.

Once you boot the first thing is to format the disk, EYE! Like FAT32 or FAT. To do this, from the ms-dos commands, write:

Format C:

Once finished, which will depend on the size and speed of the disk, we change the disk of the reader and we put our copy of Windows 95/98 and write:


Oeminstall.exe (Also you might have to put, install.exe, setup.exe, depends on the version of Windows that you will install)

It will make several checks and will begin the installation of Windows, from here no longer has loss.