How to Get Netflix for Free, 2017 working

There is a way to get Netflix for free legally, so you dont need to pay a monthly subscription with money. You just need to do the next steps to get Netflix for 30 days free again and again. Its working on 2017, so take advantage or it.

Netflix is one of the producers with the highest content of series and films . It took a long time to arrive and when it landed quickly became a real success revolutionizing the entire audiovisual consumption sector. Also the strategy worked well giving a month free to users to test their content. Now you can get Netflix for free, and for forever.

Contents of very good quality and with series of very prestigious names like Narcos, Stranger Things, House of Cards or Daredevil among others, make that Netflix has a hole in our living room of house.

One particularity is that we can see all the contents on a smartphone, tablet, computer, Apple TV or Chromecast. There are no limits to following our favorite series.

How can I get Netflix for free legally?

Netflix made a pretty good strategy to attract new customers by giving away a month of subscription without any commitment. If the user is happy with the service he does not have to do anything since he will start charging automatically every month.

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Before beginning the steps to follow , we recommend getting a paid subscription to support the creation of new content.

  • Go to the Netflix  website
  • Click on ” ENJOY FREE OF ONE MONTH “
  • Continue the steps that tell you until you reach ” Create account “
  • Enter an email and password
  • Choose the method of payment that most comfortable you are (quiet, you will not be charged anything)
  • Now just go to ” Your account ” and deactivate ” SUBSCRIPTION and BILLING “

You will receive two emails, one confirming the registration in Netflix and another canceling theautomatic subscription where they indicate that we can still enjoy our free month.

When the month goes by we repeat the same operation with a different email , if we use the same email will detect that we have already been customers and will charge us the full month. The best thing is to have a control of the emails used every month.

The only drawback (to put some) is that being new accounts will lose all your history of movies and favorite series every time you repeat the process. Each time you perform the process you will be able to see the content on two different computers in high quality .

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We insist that the method to consume Netflix free every month is completely legal , we recommend you subscribe in order to continue generating quality content.