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All About Xur in Destiny 2 Locations

Where to find Xur in Destiny 2 – Location One of the characters that most talked about in the first Destiny was Xur , a wandering hooded salesman who appeared once a week (Fridays) in a location other than the Tower, and who sold very valuable equipment like weapons, armor, and objects for players with a

Assaults on Destiny 2

All about the assaults on Destiny 2 The assaults are three-player cooperative missions that offer some of Destiny’s most exciting and intense moments . They are developed in scenarios created especially for the occasion, and thanks to the matchmaking system you can play alongside players from around the world, or join you with friends.

Guía Destiny 2 – Raid Leviathan

Guía Destiny 2 Raid Leviathan Tienes todos los trucos de Destiny 2 en la guía oficial del juego que te exponemos: Raid: Leviatán Equipo: Six Players Nivel de poder : 260-280 Las incursiones dentro de la franquicia Destiny ha sido dirigido más para el juego final y si has estado jugando Destiny 2 desde

How to Unlock Flashpoints in Destiny 2

Complete Flashpoints in Destiny 2 – Critical Issue Why complete a Flashpoints in Destiny 2? Critical issue is one of the easiest trophies of Destiny 2. Since to achieve this we just have to complete a critical point. So we explain the steps below so that you take

Destiny 2 – Guía de Infusiones

¿Qué son las infusiones en Destiny 2? ‘ Infusiones en Destiny 2: a medida es una palabra de fantasía para encender tu equipo en Destiny 2. A medida que juegas obtendrás un montón de armas, armaduras y equipos específicos de la clase que caerán de los enemigos

Modifiers Destiny 2

Modifiers Destiny 2 We’ll explain everything you need to know about the modifiers in Destiny 2: Modifiers are used to alter the properties of weapons and armor. For example in the case of the weapons they allow to change the type of damage, the recoil, the

Destiny 2 – The Wardcliff Coil Exotic Weapon

Wardcliff’s Coil in Destiny 2 – Exotic Weapons The Wardcliff Coil is an exotic rocket launcher that stands out for its handling and speed. It has a charge of 1 shot, can make 60 shots per minute and has an attack damage of 264. Up close

Destiny 2 All Lost Sector Locations

All Lost Sector Locations in Destiny 2 We explain everything about the lost sectors, one of the novelties of the sequel to Bungie: The lost sectors are a kind of mini dungeons that we can find when exploring each patrol area. In each of them we

Best Legendary weapons Destiny 2

Best Legendary Weapons Destiny 2 for Raids Do not you know how to go armed to the incursions of Destiny 2? For that is this guide in which we will tell you what are the best weapons of Destiny 2 for the raids and all that

Destiny 2 – Maximum Damage

Destiny 2 Guide – Do maximum damage as a team If you want combos with your peers to have the maximum effect, find out how in the Destiny 2 guide Although you should focus on raising your power level to make your guardian powerful, the

How to raise the Light Level in Destiny 2

Tips to raise the Power (Light) in Destiny 2 The Power (also called Light) is a statistic that always appears next to your user name and character level, and is the average of the values of attack and defense of your current equipment. Greater Power improves the damage that causes

Destiny 2 – Heroic Events

Destiny 2 Heroic Events We show you how to activate each of the Destiny 2 heroic events, one of the best ways to get legendary and exotic engramsAether Replenishment It is in the European dead zone and our mission will be to destroy the servant

Trucos Destiny 2 armas exóticas gratis

Las armas exóticas en Destiny 2 son más difíciles de conseguir, se ven más sexy, y tienen ventajas únicas que cambiarán su estilo de juego (o son sólo una buena diversión). Gracias a una fuga de la guía del juego, ahora sabemos cada arma exótica y

Destiny 2 gratis Engramas de Luz

Bright Engrams son un nuevo tipo de Engramas que permite a los jugadores más opciones de personalización para sus Guardianes. Ahora, la forma más rápida de desbloquear estos elementos para comprar directamente de la cabina de comercio Eververse, que se encuentra en la granja. Pero, si no