OFFICIAL GUIDE Destiny 2 – How to get maximum Light Level

How to quickly reach the 300 power level (light) on Destiny 2

One of the main goals in Destiny 2 if we want to complete the game at 100% is to get an equipment to help us reach the 300 level of power. There are many methods.

The steps that we are going to indicate below are valid for any of the three types of characters that are in the game.

First step: Reach level 20

The first thing to do is to reach level 20. Completing the main story will require you to reach certain levels to be able to start certain missions so you will be forced to reach up to level 15 as a minimum.

Our recommendation during the story is to do the main missions and events to get team with which to keep moving forward.

Step two: Reach the 265 level of power

Once you have completed the main story of Destiny 2 the goal will be to reach at least the 265 level of power to be able to participate in the Sundance Assaults on Normal difficulty.

To reach the 265 of power quickly concentrate on changing all the Consumables you have been getting and finding throughout history. Once you have given enough to your respective character you can get 265 Power Charts by swapping them.

Third step: Reach level 280 power

After overcoming the 265 barrier of power, focus on completing Assaults of the Twilight , match in the Crucible or Heroic Events and with a little luck you will get exceptional programs with which to increase your level even more.

Step 4: Reach level 300 or more power

Once you have reached the 280 power you will have unlocked the possibility of buying Legend Modifiers to Banshee-44 in The Tower . These modifiers add 5 power points in each weapon and in each armor you put it so that you will increase some more levels.

When you have put these modifiers on all objects it will be time to complete all secondary missions, Adventures and weekly missions. In these missions you will get the best objects of the game but you have to take into account a very important aspect.

Each time you go to complete one of the missions we have just mentioned you will be offered the possibility of getting an Engram according to your level of power but if you do not want to catch it then you can not do it. In case you do not pick it up and you get to increase your power that Engrama will also increase of level so you will have better objects and you will be able to pick it whenever you want.

Fifth step: Second, third character and get the best weapons

When you create the second and third character follow the same advice until you get to level 20 and equip the best weapons of your main character to get a lot of power quickly. Then focus on getting a team of 265 power and finally repeat the process of weekly missions, adventures and heroic events to get even better weapons that you can return to your main character.