All About Xur in Destiny 2 Locations

Where to find Xur in Destiny 2 – Location

One of the characters that most talked about in the first Destiny was Xur , a wandering hooded salesman who appeared once a week (Fridays) in a location other than the Tower, and who sold very valuable equipment like weapons, armor, and objects for players with a high level.

Location of Xur in Destiny 2

Where is Xur in Destiny 2? in the first game always appeared in the tower, however, this time we can find it on any planetand not only in the tower, since it has no fixed location. Fortunately, Bungie has made things much easier, and as you can see in the image below, just look at the map of each planet to find it , as its icon appears. It is also much easier to find it if we set it as a target.

When does it appear and what does it sell?

Xur is in the game every Friday morning, starting at 11:00 (Spanish time), and sells four pieces of exotic equipment(exceptional), which change every week, among which you can find such valuable equipment as Ruthless Fusion Rifle, one of the best weapons in the game currently, Gloves Fangs Fangs for Titan, chest armor Wings of Holy Dawn for sorcerers and chest armor Flow Raiden for hunters among many others that will appear.

Be aware, as Xur leaves the game on Sunday mornings at 11:00, and does not return until next Friday.

How to get legendary fragments?

If you have already found Xur, surely you have already realized that your equipment can only be bought by the so-called legendary fragments , since it is the only currency that Xur accepts as valid.

The most direct way to get them is by dismantling legendary or exotic equipment , but this is a method that can be slow, so they can also be found in raids, assaults, hot spot, sunset, raiding the devourer of worlds, and in public and lost sectors, although rarely.

Due to the rarity of these fragments, we recommend that when you get a good handful, save it so you do not have empty hands when you find Xur.