Destiny 2 – The Wardcliff Coil Exotic Weapon

Wardcliff’s Coil in Destiny 2 – Exotic Weapons

The Wardcliff Coil is an exotic rocket launcher that stands out for its handling and speed. It has a charge of 1 shot, can make 60 shots per minute and has an attack damage of 264.

Up close is a pass, it’s like carrying a cropped one, as it of course causes area damage. Although by far loses enough efficiency. So it can be very useful for certain situations, but for example in Crucible, is not the best weapon.

The recharge is a little slow, although if we carry it as a main weapon and collect ammunition, the recharge is automatic.


In total, we have five perks or advantages for the Wardcliff Coil in Destiny 2:

  • Mad Scientist : La Bonina fires a projectile discharge
  • Volatile Release : Increases the radius of effect of the projectile much, although it loses both handling speed and projectile velocity
  • Extended Charger : Significantly increases the capacity of the charger, but also greatly reduces the recharging speed.
  • Machined automatic loader : What we said about it automatically recharges when collecting ammunition.
  • Composite head : Increases stability and handling speed.