Assaults on Destiny 2

All about the assaults on Destiny 2

The assaults are three-player cooperative missions that offer some of Destiny’s most exciting and intense moments . They are developed in scenarios created especially for the occasion, and thanks to the matchmaking system you can play alongside players from around the world, or join you with friends.

You need to be subscribed to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold to play them, and this is where we find some of the best rewards in the game.

In the Vanguard Assaults we can get peculiar equipment or legend when finished, and we will always get Vanguard strategist chips , that if we deliver Zavala in the social zone, we will raise the level of the faction to obtain rewards in return .

Sunset assaults

Sunset assaults are cooperative missions that we have to complete in a time limit , and require a high power level (more than 240), but in return we can get some of the best rewards in the game. Unlike standard assaults, sundowners have weekly modifiers , which alter the rules of the game.

There is no matchmaking in the sunset rounds , so you’ll have to gather with your friends to overcome them. They can play solo, but they are really difficult.

They can play in normal level (+240 Power) and prestige (+300 power) . In prestige the enemies are smarter and more powerful, and the time limit is even more pressing. Once you start the mission you will not be able to change equipment.