The periodic table song

Years ago, when I had to learn the Periodic Table of the Elements , I could not imagine that there would be a periodic table song about one of the things that cost me the most to learn.

Now to learn we have the revolutionary the periodic table song. Many mnemonic rules (or less techniques ) to remember all the elements in their proper place.


The Periodic Table Song

The periodic table of elements is something really useful for science, without doubt an indispensable tool. Since its inception it has changed considerably in form and organizational criteria. The periodic table that we handle today classifies the known chemical elements in 7 periods (rows) and 18 groups or families (columns). The elements are organized from left to right and top to bottom according to their atomic number , which is defined by the number of positive charges of the nucleus .

Do you know how many elements the periodic table has ? Discover each of them with this entertaining periodic table song. Of course if you want to learn them all you will have to pause at some moments and start memorizing.

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We love the periodic table of chemical elements , so much so that some time ago we dedicated an article to each of the elements, remember? What chemical element would you like to know a little more about?