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Wingdings Translator

Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes were the creators of one of the most enigmatic sources in our computers: Wingdings translator, a font that replaces traditional letters with symbols. Although it was more interesting that it remained as one of the mysteries of the computer past, its creators responded only this week the reason of being of Wingdings. […]

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10 Surprising Uses for Aspirin

Have you ever thought that uses for aspirin would do anything but relieve headaches? Surprisingly, this medication has multiple uses, but you should always have the medical approval before putting them into practice. It tells you several ways to use it so you can take advantage of all its benefits. 1. Helps reduce acne As an […]

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Things You Didn’t Know About Food

Eating , a need that we have to continue living, and that is satisfied in a pleasant way. In the world there are many strangest food, there are fast food, exotic, international, local, among many others. But how much do you know about the food we eat? 1. Honey is one of the foods that never expire, no matter if they spend […]