Things You Didn’t Know About Food

Eating , a need that we have to continue living, and that is satisfied in a pleasant way. In the world there are many strangest food, there are fast food, exotic, international, local, among many others.

But how much do you know about the food we eat?

1. Honey is one of the foods that never expire, no matter if they spend years, decades, centuries or millennia, it will always be edible .

2. In Japan they cultivate the watermelons in square glass cubes so that the fruit takes shape of cube . This is done with the intention of placing them more easily in the refrigerators and to be able to cut them in square pieces, thus they like to eat to the nipones this fruit.

3. These foods need microbes to be produced: cheese, beer, bread, yogurt, wine, kimichi, salami and chocolate.

4. Carbon dioxide is what is used to decaffeinate coffee.

5. Meat for a fast-food burger may have meat of more than 100 different cows .

6. The word “bonbon” comes from the French “bon bon”, which means “twice good” .

7. To make the red and pink dye found in many sweets, beverages, desserts, among other things, shells of female beetles are lac.

8. In Italy, it is permissible to steal small quantities of food, only to avoid starvation , according to the highest Italian court of appeals.

9. The world’s most stolen food is cheese. Then there’s fresh meat and sweets.

10. About 30% of all food that is produced is never eaten . The world is able to produce enough food to feed all its inhabitants, but the problem is that food does not always reach the people who need it most . On average, an American family of four throws away 751 kilos of food per year