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Chinese mall installs ‘husband storage’ pods for shopping wives

Many have wondered why department stores do not have special places to rest and entertain themselves while they wait, and it seems that in China they have found the solution with the so-called ‘Husband Storage Capsules’ A few days ago at the Global Harbor Mall in Shanghai, they released a solution for wives to leave their husbands while they shop: a husband storage. Well, the mall emphasizes that they are for husbands, although anyone can have access, the idea is to pass the time and have fun while you wait . Each capsule has a chair,…

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Things You Didn’t Know About Food

Eating , a need that we have to continue living, and that is satisfied in a pleasant way. In the world there are many strangest food, there are fast food, exotic, international, local, among many others. But how much do you know about the food we eat? 1. Honey is one of the foods that never expire, no matter if they spend years, decades, centuries or millennia, it will always be edible . 2. In Japan they cultivate the watermelons in square glass cubes so that the fruit takes shape of cube . This is done with the intention of placing them more easily…

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25 Things You Didn’t Know About the Internet

The Internet has become part of our life . And for sure there are many Things You Didn’t Know About the Internet. In fact, if it were not for the Internet you would not be reading this . 1. Internet is older than you think . The web had been around for a lot longer, actually invented more than 40 years ago by Tim Berners-Lee , while working at CERN to help scientists communicate and share results quickly. 2. More than 100 billion emails are sent daily. 3. 500 million tweets are sent every day . 4. It took the Internet 4 years to…

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