Netflix Free Trial – How to Get a Netflix Coupon

The data do not lie: Netflix is ​​the service expected by millions of users worldwide and we tell you how to get a Netflix Free Trial. The streaming television channel became a name in the United States sending home DVDs, until in 2007 it mutated in its current business model, which has surpassed any expectations.

According to the latest data, released yesterday, Netflix grew by more than three million users in the last quarter and already reaches the 87 million payment users worldwide. For those who doubt whether or not to join the Netflix family, the company offers a netflix free trial month to browse its growing catalog. We explain how to register, step by step:

1. Netflix: “Enjoy a Netflix Free Trial”

The first step is to access the Netflix website , where we have kindly placed a huge red button with a message that does not offer a place for interpretations: “enjoy a free month” . In the background, by the way, some of the latest releases of the company appear: Stranger Things, one of the series of the year; Narcos, on the life of Pablo Escobar; Or World War Z, one of the last films to have reached its catalog. But all that you will discover later. Now, click on the red button .


2. Netflix offers three plans: basic, top, and standard

The page to which we arrive is just as simple as the previous one. As you can see, Netflix has made it much easier to get the free trial month . If you click on “view the plans” you will access a new page where the company presents its three subscription models: Basic , which is neither in HD nor Ultra HD and only allows simultaneous access to a user (7.99 dollars); Standard , which is in HD (not Ultra HD) and offers access to two users (9.99 dollars); And Premium, That offers the contents in maximum quality (Ultra HD) and that allows access to four users at the same time (11,99 dollars). If you intend to stay beyond the free trial month, choose the plan that best suits your needs. If you are just testing, select the basic plan (for example) and give it to “Continue with Basic” .

3. Netflix: create an account and configure the payment

With the plan saved, the account has to be created. To do this, click on “Continue”and enter an email address and password. And save them . It will be your access data to Netflix from now on. The company now asks you to enter your credit card, PayPal account or the code of a gift card. Even though you are accessing the free month, this step is mandatory . This page specifies that to sign up does not imply any commitment: there is no permanence . Here also indicates which day the free subscription month ends. Three days before it expires, Netflix will send you an email to the email address you specified in the previous step to inform you.

Finally, enter the data of the card and click on “Start subscription / Pay after free month” . From this moment you have a month to enjoy the entire catalog of the company. The subscription can be canceled until one day before it expires. In case you do not, and there are many options that you do not want to do, Netflix will charge you the 7.99 dollars corresponding to the basic plan previously selected.

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