Best documentaries on Netflix

You should know that best documentaries on Netflix is a really nice thing of the service. The documentary genre has been somewhat relegated from the big screen. The common thing, and also to what we are accustomed, is to go to the cinema to see films of great productions. In fact, although it is difficult to assume, there are very few people who actually go to see a documentary in a movie theater and, on the other hand, there are also very few cinemas that show documentaries on their billboard.

For this reason, and also so you can have good options when you want to see good independent content, here we leave the best documentaries on Netflix leaves us in this 2014:


# 10 The Art of the Steal

The artist Barnes and his foundation valued at 25 million dollars are the center of this documentary. The controversy between the will of the artist himself to keep his works in one place for an educational purpose and, on the other hand, the ambition to put his Impressionist works in the museum of Pennsylvania. A documentary that will show the constant tension between the two sides and will also let you know the thoughts and works of an artist who may have been a little forgotten in time.

# 9 The Thin Blue Line

Documentation of the cause of a US citizen claiming to have been wrongly prosecuted and sentenced to death. A piece that finally, after the investigation of the director, proves that this is so, and achieves, after its public release, a review of the facts by the justice. As a result, the citizen was acquitted of the charges filed. One of my best documentaries on Netflix.

# 8 Cutie and the Boxer

A couple that will catch you and drag you to the end of the documentary. In this documentary you can be part of the conflicting relationship of both protagonists and their unconditional love. Respect and love for art, for the original and own creation of artist Ushio Shinohara . A questionable look also on the status of artists who, even doing their best, do not get a decent life for their profession.

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# 7 Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

For those who like contemporary art, this is a very good option. Like the art documentary mentioned above, this also portrays the biography of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei . A life full of creativity and political activism, which leads him to prison for many years in his career.

# 6 This is not a Film

A piece by one of the best-known directors of the new Iranian wave. The filming of her days of confinement after having participated in the funeral of one of the Iranian girls murdered in demonstrations in 2009. Only with an iPhone as a camera that served to record her years in prison.

# 5 The Act of Killing

documentary with strong political content and also historical. A compilation of the events that took place in Indonesia in the hands of the anti-communist movements and their assassinations during the years 1965 and 1966. The current life of many of those responsible for these deaths and their social impunity after years of the massacre. A look that questions the status of these people and also those of those who live with their past without any justice.

# 4 Iraq In Fragments

Winner for Best Cinematography and Best Editing at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, the documentary composes through three different stories, the photography of Iraq and its conflicts . A family of Kurdish farmers, a twelve-year-old workshop worker, and Sadr’s followers in full regional elections that highlight the diversity of singularities in a country that are often seen under the same magnifying glass.

# 3 Fambul Tok

A documentary based on the post-civil war situation in Sierra Leone and on the healing of the pain it left behind. A ritual that brings together the members of each community only to talk about what happened, dance and share forgiveness among all. A practice of confession and healing together is necessary to continue forward after seven years of conflict. It is one of the best documentaries on Netflix.

# 2 Restrepo

A documentary about the experience of journalists sent to the war in Afghanistan and the political and conflictive context in which they find themselves. A documentary that claims a profession as old as war journalism and photojournalism , exhibiting the harsh reality of its workers and the level of risk to which they are exposed daily. A social panorama that also exposes the situation of the victims and of the inhabitants of the place where they are working.

# 1 Man on Wire

A British documentary that portrays the life of a man and his perseverance to reach his dream. Between skies and big buildings, between the adrenaline and the constant emotion, the chronicles of Philippe Petit and his courage to cross extremely dangerous places.

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