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Metroid Samus Returns – How to Defeat All Enemies

METROID SAMUS RETURNS ENEMIES In Metroid Samus Returns we can find many variety of enemies. Each of them have certain behaviors and characteristics that makes them unique and to defeat them we must be attentive to their patterns and their movements. We show you the enemies of

Metroid Samus Returns – Locations Objects

Metroid Samus Returns – Locations Objects In this section we will explain the various objects that can be found in the map of Metroid Samus Returns. Remember that to explore the map well, it is necessary to have the scanner viewfinder to locate many of the

Metroid: Samus Returns – Trajes más poderosos

Mientras juegas a través de Metroid Samus Returns, tropezarás con varias actualizaciones de Power Suit. Este artículo cubre las actualizaciones de Power Suit en Metroid: Samus Returns. Tendremos las ubicaciones de actualización de Power Suit agregadas a este artículo en un futuro muy cercano, así que si