Metroid Samus Returns – How to Defeat All Enemies


In Metroid Samus Returns we can find many variety of enemies. Each of them have certain behaviors and characteristics that makes them unique and to defeat them we must be attentive to their patterns and their movements. We show you the enemies of Samus Returns.

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Tsumiri It is a kind of snail. Patrol sliding through platforms and areas of land or nearby water. It will charge against you when it detects you. It can be easily removed with several shots of the main beam.
Oven Hornoad are enemies that resemble toads, move through jumps and when they detect you will attack you using loaded jumps. We can use the backlash against these enemies to eliminate them more easily.
Rock Icicle These worm enemies move from ceiling to floor using holes. While we do not touch them we will be safe, with a shot worth killing them, is a good source of health and points of the scanner if we see ourselves in a hurry.
Gullugg The Gullugg are flying creatures whose main attack is a charged onslaught. They are easily dodgy, but if we want to eliminate them more easily we can use the backlash against them.
Gravitt The Gravitt are enemies with a crab-like appearance covered with a golden breastplate at the top, their form of attack is similar to that of the Moheek with the particularity that the main beam shots do not work against their shell. A missile should be enough to eliminate them.
Drivel Flying enemies whose main attack is to spit out a kind of red acid to harm us. Drivels are usually placed on top of us to release their acid. It is easily avoidable to kill them with a few shots of the main beam.
Leech Chute The Leech Chute are small enemies that are often in holes in the ground where they reproduce, their form of attack is based on a jump when Samus approaches one of them.They are easily recognizable since when they fall from the jump, they move like a leaf falling from a tree. A shot from the main beam should clear them.
Moheek A kind of fish that slides on some platforms, the Moheek electrifies some areas to damage Samus, with several shots should be enough to eliminate them.
Blob Thrower A kind of plant that expels enemies that will follow Samus, eliminates the little ones to concentrate on the big one.
Wallfire Some creatures that will fire through the mouth. They can not move from the wall and will be quite resilient, several missiles should be enough to eliminate them