Motorcycle Event on Last Day on Earth

Motorcycle Event on Last Day on Earth Survival

Last Day on Earth Motorcycle Event – Introduction

There are three scenarios, in the first there is an enormous horde, in the second we will be attacked by survivors by surprise and in the third we will have to attack some survivors who are gathered.

You will need to:

  • Armor: We recommend the swat suit for the horde and the ambush. To the raid you can go with something lower because you can reach the last survivor without being shot.
  • Weapons: The horde we recommend to make it with melee weapon fast and strong, like the machete. The ambush and raid need firearms.

The truth is that the event is great. It is the only map in which we will leave with more firearms and armor than the ones we carry when entering. So we recommend definitely saving to do it, since we will win.


The first scene of the motorcycle event on Last Day on Earth begins by greeting a survivor, takes us to a motorbike zone and zombies start to appear.

They will end up concentrating and forming a horde, so our recommendation is to wear good armor and a powerful, quick melee weapon, like a machete.

We will get enough at the same time, so without armor we will die even if we bring food. And It is not worth to spend firearms unless you are over since the horde is very big and we would spend too many.


The second stage of the motorcycle event on Last Day on Earth begins by greeting a survivor, takes us to a motorcycle area and there we will attack with another armed and protected survivor

Of course we have to wear armor, they will shoot us with guns while they beat us with melee weapons. And here if it is advisable to carry firearms, since the armed survivor will cost us to kill him.


In the third stage of the motorcycle event in Last Day on Earth no one expects us, but if we go forward we will see three survivors, they are hostile. So do not get too close.

Ideally, shoot them from a distance, as long as the survivor lives on the screen. But it is best to approach from below, to be able to kill two without receiving shots. We’ll only have one left that will give us a blow. So obviously armor and guns.