Top Drives Guide

Top Drives Guide

Top Drives is the result of bringing Top Trumps to another level, and we can enjoy thanks to developers Hutch Games and the EVO car website. Between the two have gotten what looks like it’s going to be the reference car card game on Android and iOS.

Basically you need to get car letters, build a team and compete in different types of races and circuits.

More or less all major brands of car manufacturers are represented, of course there are Audi, Chevrolet, Nissan, Fort, Mecedes, Volvo, and even a Hummer. And there are circuits based on almost all geographic areas of the planet.

The reality is that it is not a complicated game at all, but if there are several issues that you will come to know well

Top Drives Tips – Know Your Car

There are about 700 so it will take you quite some time to meet them all. But he thinks that some cards will not serve you from the beginning, and with some you will hold enough. So you have to know the characteristics of your cars well, since there are many types of circuits, and each one is more appropriate for a race type or another.

On the other hand, the spaces of your garage are limited. So you’ll need to have a couple of each type to react to anything. You’ll find acceleration races, speed, infinite closed turns, mud and sand or rain, and no car is going well in two of the types of races just mentioned.

Tips for Top Drives – Improve Cars

As soon as you get a rare car (blue), improve everything you can. The normal ones do not interest, and if you get some weirdo obviously improve it too, although it is hard to get them.

He thinks every car has 24 improvement spaces, and we can improve a lot of different parts of the car. And to give you an idea, the initial improvements in rare cars are worth 700.

Top Drive Cheats – Repeat Circuits

Each location has 15 reward cards, but we can only get up to 3 stars and claim 3 of those cards. The good thing is that we can then repeat the locations as many times as we want until we get the remaining 12 cards.

And with 15 locations, that’s 225 cards. So exhaust all the rewards, since in addition to letters and cars, you will get gold and XP.

On the other hand when you have exceeded 9 locations, you will be able to measure yourself to the champion of each location. And if we beat him we will get his cars, which are usually pretty good.

Top Drive Cheats – Buy Envelope

As you play you will earn gold and dollars. With both coins you can buy card envelopes in the purchase menu. So start saving, since in addition, the rarer and more expensive the envelope, the rarer the cards it contains.

Although the truth is that the envelopes have many classifications, and you can go for the ones you want. There are envelopes of English cars, 90’s, etc. And the good thing is that you do not have to pay. It will cost you to gather all the gold or dollars, but nothing that can not be gotten by playing.