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Where to find water on Last Day on earth

Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Do not die of thirst Although it is something that you will surpass quite fast, it may at first get stuck a bit. So we explain to you what to do to not die of thirst, since there are several ways to drink liquid Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Safes At first you will not have to go to find something to drink from the maps. You can find: Bottles of water : obviously the best thing to quench your thirst, so…

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Coupons in Last Day on Earth

Coupons in Last Day on Earth have quickly become important because collecting them gives us a box that will contain various resources, which will be a great help for survival. There are 3 different coupons, and each one of them will give us a different box that will contain different things depending on their color. It is important to learn about this, so here we will show you all the information on the subject. How to get coupons The most recommended, is to look for these coupons in the red areas , as they…

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