Where to find water on Last Day on earth

Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Do not die of thirst

Although it is something that you will surpass quite fast, it may at first get stuck a bit. So we explain to you what to do to not die of thirst, since there are several ways to drink liquid

Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Safes

At first you will not have to go to find something to drink from the maps. You can find:

  • Bottles of water : obviously the best thing to quench your thirst, so take advantage. And if you can keep the empty bottles, at least 3 or 4, they will serve you for later.
  • Beer : It serves to remove thirst too. The bad thing is that later you will have to urinate because it will leave you something drunk, so take care that there are not enemies near.

Getting Water on Last Day on Earth – Food

Any food will take some thirst, it will not be much, but if you take 10 or 12 berries you will take the same thirst as a bottle of water.

Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Gifts

If you open your mailbox every day you will get bottles of water and food. Only with that you should have plenty. So if you did not know him, do not forget to look at the mailbox.

Get Water on Last Day on Earth – Rain Collector

As soon as you can build it, your problems are over, requires:

  • 10 logs of pine: You have them everywhere
  • 3 pieces of cloth: Many zombies drop them when they die
  • 2 of junk: It is obtained in the coffers of any map

Once you have it built you will have to leave empty bottles (that’s why we told you to keep them), and you will be filled alone (with the supposed rain). And only with this and the daily gifts, you should not worry about water again.

Getting Water on Last Day on Earth – Recipes

For the moment the only recipe that takes away something decent from thirst is the tea of ​​berries . But by now you should have the rain collector, so you better eat the berries. It removes thirst of thirst, but producing it consumes firewood and food that you could use to regain hunger and health, so it is not highly recommended.

Getting Water on Last Day on Earth – Suicide

If you are starting and you are in trouble, go to your base and let time run out until you die. You will simply be reborn at the base and you will be able to recover what you carry from your corpse. If you die outside your base you will not be able to recover everything you have collected.