How to raise the Light Level in Destiny 2

Tips to raise the Power (Light) in Destiny 2

The Power (also called Light) is a statistic that always appears next to your user name and character level, and is the average of the values of attack and defense of your current equipment. Greater Power improves the damage that causes and your defense. In some of the activities of the game, such as the Campaign or Adventures missions, indicate the level of Power recommended to be able to face them with guarantees.

Each piece of equipment, whether a weapon or armor, has a Power statistic , and as we get better objects we will increase the Power of our character.

The maximum character level (20) is easy to reach, and the real challenge in Destiny 2 is to reach the highest level of power, 300 . Up to 260 is relatively simple, although it will take quite a few hours of play, and the trick is to raise those 40 points between 260 and 300.

A very important thing to keep in mind is that in Destiny 2 it is not necessary that you have equipped the weapons and armor with the greatest Power so that the enemies give you the best possible booty . The game calculates your maximum power statistics at all times, taking into account the objects you have both in inventory and stored.


These are the different types of equipment that we can find, from less to more important.

  • Basic: white
  • Uncommon: green
  • Peculiar: blue
  • Legend: purple
  • Exceptional: yellow