How to Live a Long Life

We often wonder how to live a long life and what we can do to improve our health and mood to get old in the best conditions . Of course, in general, we cross our fingers so that these “tricks” are simple to perform.

Linda Melone exposes in Health  a few guidelines that we can make in our day to day to teach us how to live a long life . But no one wants to lengthen their longevity to be sad and depressed, so all these tips are also related to being happier: now and then.

Simple habits and styles lifestyles whose maxim is to keep our health in full form accompanied by happiness . After reading, you will almost only have to wonder how old you would like to go.

1.  Adopt a pet

In addition to offering the best “friendship” and maximum fidelity, a dog or a cat can help us to extend our life.

Having two to three orgasms a week gets better health benefits

Having a pet keeps us more active , reduces stress levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. You could live longer just by walking your dog every day! And, without a doubt, your company will help you feel happier.

2.  Practice more sex

Different studies suggest that there is a direct relationship between the number of orgasms and longevity . After all, it’s all about exercise , so having sex helps keep our bodies in shape and improves our health. It also reduces stress levels and helps control appetite.

Dr. Eric A. Goedereis of Webster University says that “having two to three orgasms a week gets better health benefits.” These are the doctor’s orders.

3.  Floss daily

Oral health is, in many cases, the reflection of our state of health. That is why keeping our teeth healthy and cared for can help us live longer.

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If you wash your teeth thoroughly every day and accompany flossing, you will eliminate the film of bacteria that form dental plaque that can lead to periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.

In the medium and long term, it can trigger a low-grade inflammation “that increases the risk of heart attacks and early strokes, ” explains Melone. In addition to living longer, you will have a healthy white smile.

4.  Maintain a Positive Attitude

Smiling, in addition to “free”, is healthier. This was demonstrated by a study by scientists at the Einstein School of Medicine in the Bronx, New York, who evaluated the personalities of 243 centenarians concluding that most of them had a positive outlook on life and were generally Tolerant, optimistic and laughing a lot.

People with stronger social relationships are 50% more likely to live longer

Dr.  Elizabeth Lombardo  explains in her book Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love (Seal Press) that ” laughter lowers blood pressure , lowers blood sugar and helps prevent stress, So smiling can make our body healthier. ”

5. Sociabilízate

According to a study by Brigham Young University, ” people with stronger social relationships are 50 percent more likely to live longer than those with weaker relationships,” Lombardo said. Also, not interacting with other people and being alone can weaken our immune system making it more difficult to combat possible diseases. Make friends and you will live more.

6.  Eat nuts

Nuts are very rich in antioxidants, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids, so eating them often reduces the risk of heart disease . So much so, according to a study by the New England Journal of Medicine , “people who ate nuts several times a week had a lower risk of mortality compared to those who ate less frequently (or not at all ) “. How to Live a Long Life.

In addition, nuts are a very good food to improve our memory and reduce cholesterol . What are you waiting for to season your salads and yogurts?

7.  Set vital goals

Having a goal in life is fundamental so that we want to live at least long enough to reach it. This was demonstrated by a study by the University of Rochester, New York, in which, after analyzing 6,000 people for 14 years, they demonstrated that ” people who had a vital purpose were less likely to dieduring the study’s years than Those who were less focused on achieving a goal. How to Live a Long Life.

” Having a goal makes us more active and generally leads to more care for our health in order to live longer.

8.  Drink coffee (with measure)

Nutritionist Keri Gans explains that “drinking coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease .”

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However, abuse is never good since consuming too much caffeine can lead to insomnia or anxiety. Find the balance  in the quantities you drink but do not give up coffee, you will live longer!

9.  Sleep tight

Sleeping is one of the three vital pleasures and, as such, doing well and enjoying it will be healthier. Numerous studies have linked sleep deprivation with an increased risk of death and currently it has also been shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Although it depends on each person, “research suggests that sleeping seven hours is enough to lead a healthy life,” Goedereis explains. Keep a routine in your rest time and make your sleep hours sacred to live longer.

10.  Avoid depression and negativity

As we said in point four, having a positive attitude improves our health and helps us to be happier. The depression and pessimism , as Lombardo explains “tend to cause a stress reaction in the body, which can weaken the immune system .” Trying to see the glass half full  will help you to be happier for more years. How to Live a Long Life.

11.  Long live the wine! A little bit every day

Drinking around a glass of wine a day is linked with lower death rates from cardiovascular accidents . In fact, a Dutch study, associated light consumption of alcohol with a 34% less chance of having a cardiovascular death. Unfortunately for brewers: the same results were not found in the consumption of other types of alcohol.

12.  Run 5 minutes a day

“Sport is health,” and practicing it daily will help us live longer.

A slight consumption of alcohol derives in a 34% less possibility of having a cardiovascular death

With only five minutes of daily running, the risk of death from heart disease is reduced by 58% and, as Melone explains, ” the overall risk of death falls by about 28% .” By keeping our lungs and heart healthy and fit, we can live an average of six more years.

13.  Eat lots of fish

A diet that includes foods high in omega-3 helps us prevent heart disease, so nutrition experts recommend at least two servings of fish a week to maintain the right dose. Salmon, albacore, mackerel, trout … You have a wide variety to compose the menu to live more years!

14.  Stand up: do not sit so many hours

According to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine , being more standing hours a day than sitting increases longevity. It seems that standing longer, the length of the telomeres improves and with it the quality of the chromosomes of red cells, related to longevity. It also improves posture and exercises the muscles of legs and back.

15.  Become a volunteer or collaborate in a social project

Helping others and contributing to their happiness reduces the chances of falling into depression or being negative. Feeling useful and active also improves our physical and mental health , as we become involved with other people, socialize and feel positive . Almost encompasses the above guidelines. We only need to accompany this activity from a glass of wine or go with our pet, and we will have the “full fifteen”.

With this you know How to Live a Long Life.