guía to Getting and Using the Parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands

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guía to Getting and Using the Parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Learn how conseguir and effectively use the parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands to dominate the game from above and infiltrate enemy bases with stealth.

guía to Getting and Using the Parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands

In the vast world of Ghost Recon Wildlands (GRW), agility and strategy are key to mastering the game. An essential tool in your arsenal to secure a tactical advantage is the parachute. This resource not only allows you to make triumphant entries but also infiltrate enemy bases in a stealthy and effective way. Below we explain how you can get the parachute in the game and the best way to use it.

How conseguir the Parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands?

In an open world as immense as GRW, means of transportation such as helicopter or plane are essential to move quickly. However, these vehicles lose some of their usefulness without the ability to perform safe high jumps with a parachute. Unlike other games, in GRW you can’t just buy a parachute; you must earn it.

Step by Step to Unlock the Parachute

Reach a Minimum Level: To unlock the parachute, you must first reach a specific experience level in the game. This is achieved by completing quests and participating in various activities within GRW.
Complete the Mission “Rescue Amaru”: This is the first mission of the game and is crucial to progress in unlocking the parachute. By completing it, you will not only gain experience but also the necessary skill point.
Invest a Skill Point: Once you have accumulated enough experience and completed the required mission, you will need to invest a skill point to unlock the parachute.

How to Use the Parachute Effectively

Once unlocked, the parachute opens up a range of tactical possibilities in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Here are some tips to maximize its usefulness:

Infiltration: Use the parachute to infiltrate enemy bases without being detected. This technique is especially useful on missions where discretion is key.
Quick Evacuation: In high-risk situations where quick escape is necessary, the parachute can be your best ally to escape from conflict areas.
Exploration: The world of GRW is full of secrets and hidden areas. The parachute allows you to access places that would otherwise be unreachable.


The parachute in Ghost Recon Wildlands is not just a means of spectacular movement, but a strategic tool that can change the course of your game. By following this guía, you will not only learn how to achieve this indispensable skill, but also the best practices for using it. Get ready to fly high and dominate the game from above!