Complete guía Skeledirge in Competitive Pokémon

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Complete guía Skeledirge in Competitive Pokémon – All the information about Skeledirge in Competitive Pokémon – Statistics, Resistances, Abilities, Weaknesses, Moves, Teracrystallization and much more

Complete guía Skeledirge in Competitive Pokémon

Skeledirge, the fire starter of the 9th generation in Paldea, breaks with tradition by being a Pokémon with high resistance and good offense, although notably slow.

Skeledirge is a 9th generation fire starter on Paldea that is characterized by its high resistance and offense, but low speed. His Fire/Ghost type gives him multiple resistances, although he has significant weaknesses. The Ignorant ability and his signature move, Torch Song, are key to his competitive strategy. He offers flexibility in battle, with possibilities in both single and doubles combat. It is vital for trainers to understand her strengths and weaknesses to maximize her potential in combat.

Main Statistics

Health: 104
Stroke: 75
Defending: 100
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 76
Speed: 66

Type, Resistances and Weaknesses

Guy: Fire/Ghost
Immune: to Fight and Normal
Very resistant: to Bug
Resistant: Fire, Fairy, Ice, Steel and Poison
Weak: to Rock, Water, Sinister, Earth and Ghost

Skeledirge is presented as a Fire/Ghost type, a combination that gives it a notable amount of resistances against common types in competitive play. This composition makes it immune to Fighting and Normal type attacks, giving it a strategic advantage against Pokémon that rely on these attacks. His resistances include types such as Fire, Fairy, Bug, Ice, Steel, and Poison, allowing him to take on a wide range of opponents with less risk. However, its weaknesses to types such as Rock, Water, Dark, Ground, and Ghost require trainers to be cautious, especially against opponents who can exploit these vulnerabilities with powerful attacks or specific strategies.


Sea Flames: This ability is common among Fire-type starters. Significantly increases the power of Fire-type attacks when Skeledirge’s health drops below 33% of its total. Although its activation depends on a specific health condition, it can be decisive in critical moments, providing the necessary boost to overcome an opponent.
Ignorant: It’s the ability that really sets Skeledirge apart on the battlefield. By ignoring the opponent’s stat changes, it allows Skeledirge to compete on equal terms against opponents who have improved his stats through moves such as Dragon Dance or Espada Dance. This ability ensures that Skeledirge remains competitive even against potentially stronger Pokémon.

Recommended IVs, EVs and Nature

IVs: Perfect
EVs: 252 in Health, 200 in Defense, 56 in Special Defense
Nature: Modest (increases Special Attack, reduces Attack)

To maximize Skeledirge’s defensive and offensive potential, IVs must be perfect, focusing on maximizing every possible stat. Regarding the distribution of EVs, it is recommended to assign 252 EVs to Health to increase your survivability, 200 EVs to Defense to strengthen your resistance against physical attacks, and 56 EVs to Special Defense to improve your tolerance to special attacks. The Modest nature is ideal, as it increases Skeledirge’s Special Attack, allowing it to take advantage of its impressive offensive potential, while the reduction in Attack is less critical due to its main attacks being special in nature.

Recommended Item

Remains, Toothed helmet, Assault Vest, Insurance Weakness, Zidra Berry

Recommended Item in Detail

Remains: Provides Skeledirge with a constant health recovery at the end of each turn, significantly increasing his durability in combat.
Toothed helmet: Ideal against opponents who rely on physical contact attacks, dealing damage every time Skeledirge is hit.
Assault Vest: Boosts Special Defense by 50%, at the cost of not being able to use status moves. It is particularly useful in double or VGC formats, where special attacks are frequent.
Insurance Weakness: An item that can turn the tide of battle by increasing Special Attack and Special Defense if Skeledirge receives an effective attack.
Zidra Berry: Provides significant health recovery in critical situations, increasing Skeledirge’s resistance in prolonged combat.

Exclusive Movement: Torch Song

Fire Type, power 80, accuracy 100, and increases Special Attack.

Torch Song is an 80-power Fire-type move that not only deals damage but also increases Skeledirge’s Special Attack each time it is used. With 100% accuracy, it becomes a reliable and potentially devastating offensive tool as Skeledirge racks up boosts to his Special Attack, making him increasingly formidable as combat progresses.

Best Moves for Skeledirge

Torch Song, Shadow ball, Wildfire, Misfortune, Alive earth, Howl, Relax, Substitute


Torch Song: Essential for being its exclusive Fire-type movement that, in addition to causing damage, increases Skeledirge’s Special Attack with each use. This makes it a centerpiece of his arsenal, allowing him to scale his offensive power as the fight drags on. Its 100% precision ensures reliability in each attack.
Shadow ball: As one of its STABs (Same Type Attack Bonus), this Ghost-type move becomes a key offensive tool. With 80 power and 100% accuracy, it gives Skeledirge the ability to deal with Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon effectively. The chance to reduce the opponent’s Special Defense by 20% adds a useful secondary effect.
Wildfire: Beyond its offensive potential, Skeledirge can play a strategic role with Will-o’-Wisp. By burning the opponent, this move halves the physical damage they can deal, perfectly complementing Skeledirge’s already solid defense and protecting it against physically offensive opponents. Despite its 85% accuracy, its impact on combat can be decisive.
Misfortune: This Ghost-type attack has a base power of 65 that is doubled against opponents affected by status ailments, such as those caused by Will-o’-Wisp. The guarantee of dealing double damage makes it an excellent choice for strategies that include inflicting status ailments, providing Skeledirge with a powerful tool to finish off weakened opponents.
Alive earth: Provides coverage against types that would otherwise be problematic for Skeledirge, such as Rock and Electric. With 90 power and 100% accuracy, this Ground-type move not only widens the range of opponents Skeledirge can effectively take on, but also provides a 10% chance to reduce the opponent’s Special Defense, further boosting the ability. Skeledirge offensive in the process. It is especially useful in situations where it faces opponents resistant to Fire and Ghost types, giving Skeledirge the necessary versatility to adapt to different threats on the battlefield.
Howl: This Dark-type move becomes a valuable addition to Skeledirge’s repertoire, allowing it to effectively take on Psychic and Ghost-type Pokémon. With a power of 55 and an accuracy of 100%, Scream not only deals damage but also has a 10% chance to reduce the target’s Special Attack, potentially weakening the opponent’s offensive capabilities in the long term. Its usefulness lies in its ability to constantly pressure and reduce the effectiveness of opponents who rely on special attacks.
Relax: This move is crucial to keeping Skeledirge in the fight longer, restoring half of his maximum health. Skeledirge’s ability to recover substantially in the middle of combat allows him to persist in the face of aggressive opponents, forcing opponents to reconsider strategies that rely on gradually wearing down his health. Relaxation, combined with her natural defenses and possible buffs through EVs and nature, solidifies Skeledirge’s role as a resilient competitor in the metagame.
Substitute: Grants Skeledirge an additional layer of protection, allowing him to dodge status ailments and targeted attacks while maintaining offensive pressure. By consuming a portion of his health to create a substitute, Skeledirge can protect himself from debilitating moves and focus on using his offensive arsenal without fear of being incapacitated by techniques such as paralysis or sleep. This move is particularly useful in strategies that seek to maximize Skeledirge’s time on the field, taking advantage of its scalable offensive potential and ability to significantly influence the course of battle.

Recommended Strategies

Stall + Booster (Singles): Uses Torch Song, Shadow/Misfortune Ball, Will-o’-the-Wisp/Living Earth, and Relaxation.
Offensive Tank (VGC or Doubles): Includes Torch Song, Shadow Ball, Living Earth, and Scream.
Teracrystallization: Recommended to use Water Teracrystallization for Singles and Fire Teracrystallization for Doubles/VGC.

How to Defeat Skeledirge and Counters

Special Attackers powerful, Mockery to avoid healing and condition, Walls with Toxic.


Powerful Special Attackers: Because Skeledirge’s Special Defense is not as robust as its Defense, Pokémon that can launch powerful special attacks, especially those that exploit its weaknesses to types such as Water, Rock, and Ghost, can be particularly effective. Pokémon like Gengar, with their high Special Attack and access to Ghost-type moves, can deal significant damage. Besides, Starmie either Primarinewith powerful Water-type attacks, can take advantage of Skeledirge’s elemental weakness.
Strategic Use of Mock: Taunt is a valuable tool for limiting Skeledirge’s options, preventing it from using key moves like Relax, Will-o’-Wisp, or Substitute. This makes him more vulnerable to direct attacks and reduces his ability to recover or weaken his opponents. Fast Pokémon with access to Taunt, such as Weavile either Thundurusmay be crucial to nullifying Skeledirge’s strategy.
Walls with Toxic: Defensive Pokémon that can survive Skeledirge’s attacks and use Toxic to deal progressive damage can make for formidable opponents. Toxapexfor example, can not only withstand multiple attacks thanks to his formidable Defense and Special Defense, but can also use Toxic to wear down Skeledirge’s health over time. Ferrothorn is another candidate, with the ability to withstand physical and special attacks while applying pressure with Toxic.
Pokémon with Super Effective High Power Attacks: Identifying Pokémon that can execute attacks with high base power and that are super effective against Skeledirge is key. Tyranitar, with its access to Rock-type moves like Free Stone, can be devastating against Skeledirge. Similarly, Water-type Pokémon such as Swampert either Kyogrewith powerful Water-type attacks, can take advantage of Skeledirge’s elemental weakness and deal considerable damage.
Climate Control: Using strategies based on weather control can be effective against Skeledirge, especially on teams that benefit from rainy weather. Pokémon that can set rain, such as Pelipper either Politoednot only strengthen Water-type attacks against Skeledirge but also reduce the effectiveness of its Fire-type attacks.

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