Legend of Mushroom Codes – Updated 2024

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All Legend of Mushroom Codes In an updated list – Legend of the Mushroom, game by Joy Nice Games – Redeem codes for gifts

Legend of Mushroom is the same game as Leyenda del Champiñón, it has translated the title

Legend of Mushroom Codes – Complete List

Legend of the Mushroom codes expire after a few days, so be sure to check the list of valid codes:

Valid Legend of Mushroom Codes

Redeem codes for gifts

These are all valid Codes:

ru34Lb – Code reward: Various gifts (NEW)
8jIHg4 – Code reward: Various gifts (NEW)
hlwJtg – Code reward: Various gifts (NEW)
BUNNY – Code reward: Various gifts (NEW)
TOPMUSH – Code reward: Various gifts (NEW)
CREATOR – Code reward: Various gifts
1XutPJ – Code reward: Various gifts
GATLING – Code reward: Various gifts
THANK YOU – Code Reward: 50 Diamonds, 1k Gold, 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Companion Coupons
LOM2024 – Code Reward: 50 Diamonds, 1k Gold, 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Companion Coupons
LOM1777 – Code Reward: 50 Diamonds, 1k Gold, 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Companion Coupons
LOM7777 – Code Reward: 50 Diamonds, 1k Gold, 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Companion Coupons
LOMVIP – Code reward: 50 Diamonds, 5 Acceleration Coupons, 10 Skill Coupons, 10 Companion Coupons
WELCOME – Code reward: 200 Diamonds, 10 Acceleration Coupons, 20 Skill Coupons, 20 Companion Coupons
3AJ469C05B – Code reward: Various gifts

We will update the list with new codes as soon as they come out, be sure to visit us. Although if you discover a code before us, we will be eternally grateful if you tell us in the comments, so we can keep the list as updated as possible.

Legend of Mushroom Game Channels, Joy Nice Games:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/legendofmushroom Discord channel: Play Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxdzzus.google&hl=en_US&gl=US Apple iOS: https://www.facebook.com/legendofmushroom ://apps.apple.com/us/app/legend-of-mushroom/id6475333787

Legend of Mushroom Expired Codes

These codes have already expired and do not work:

How are codes redeemed in Legend of the Mushroom?

These are the steps to redeem codes:

Launch Legend of Mushroom on your device Tap Profile > Redeem Code Enter Legend of Mushroom gift codes Tap Redeem

In case you want to see how the codes are redeemed, we leave you this video:

In case you are interested in the codes in English > Codes

How to play Legend of Mushroom or Legend of the Mushroom? Joy Nice Games game

Embark on an epic role-playing adventure with “Mushroom Quest,” where a tiny mushroom becomes a brave warrior in search of power and transformation. Explore endless levels, equip your mushroom with various items without needing to farm, and choose from various classes to become an elite adventurer. Customize your character with unique skins, challenge formidable bosses, and join alliances to compete for supremacy. Build and protect your garden while mining resources.

Key Features:

Epic Adventure: Endless levels of RPG missions. Transformation Mission: Travel to transform a mushroom into a human. Variety of Equipment: Easy access to various objects through the Genie. Class Selection: Multiple classes to choose from in character development. Customization: Unique mushroom designs for customization. Boss Battles: Team up to defeat evil dragons. Alliance War: Collaborate and compete with other alliances. Garden Management: Build, protect and manage your own resource-filled garden.

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