Remnant VI Combat Drone in Mass Effect Andromeda

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Remnant VI Combat Drone in Mass Effect Andromeda. We will have to follow a series of steps and complete a mission that we will explain to you below.

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Remnant VI Combat Drone in Mass Effect Andromeda

The game that takes us to explore unknown galaxies, offers us a vast range of tools and companions to face the challenges that arise in this new universe. One of these resources is the Remnant VI Combat Drone, an advanced technological ability that can significantly change your combat strategy. Below, we explain how you can get this valuable ally.

Steps conseguir the Remnant VI Combat Drone

The process to unlock the Remnant VI Combat Drone in MEA involves a series of specific steps, starting with the activation of ancient structures and culminating with the recovery of advanced technology.

Activation of the Monoliths on Eos

Activate the Three Monoliths: The first step requires you to visit the planet Eos and activate the three monoliths scattered around the terrain. These structures are part of the mysteries that the Remnants have left behind.
Waste Chamber ends: After activating the monoliths, you must complete the challenge presented in the waste chamber, a place full of puzzles and combats.

Encounter with Peebee

Talk to Peebee: Once the challenges on Eos have been overcome, your next task is to talk to Peebee on the Tempest, specifically in the escape pod area. She will introduce you to her secret project, which is essential to advance the mission.
Check your Email: Peebee will prompt you to check your email on board the Tempest, where you will receive instructions on what to do next.

Technology Recovery in Voeld

Head to Voeld: The email will guía you to Voeld, a planet where you must recover Remnant technology. This mission is crucial to unlocking the Remnant VI Combat Drone.
Recover Remnant Technology– Follow the directions provided in the game to locate and recover the necessary technology.

Use of the Remnant VI Combat Drone

Once unlocked, the Remnant VI Battle Drone becomes a tech ability that you can use in combat. This drone not only provides fire support but can also distract and damage your enemies, giving you a tactical advantage in difficult engagements.

Conclusion in Remnant VI Combat Drone in Mass Effect Andromeda

Getting the Remnant VI Battle Drone in Mass Effect Andromeda requires a combination of exploration, puzzle solving, and combat. However, the effort is totally worth it, as this drone can be a crucial ally on your journey through the stars. By following this guía, you’ll be well on your way to adding a powerful tool to your MEA arsenal. Weblink here