Destiny 2 – All About Heroic Public Events

Heroic Public Events in Destiny 2

In each zone of action of the game (European Dead Zone, Titan, Nessus and Io) we can find Public events , a test in which all the players that are in the zone can participate, and that appear from time to time, something that is indicates on the map.

When we are participating in one of these events, if we perform a series of concrete actions, we can turn a Public Event into a Heroic Event , more difficult but that will give us better rewards at the end.

For example, in the public event ‘Excavation Cabal’, we have to knock down a ship that is moving around the event, and that is approaching from time to time, and in ‘Destroy the walkers’, we have to open the three domes that contain the rocket launchers, with which a second walker will arrive.

Next we will explain how to activate all Heroic Events , in total 8. It must be explained that the same type of Public Event can be found on several planets, such as ‘Excavation Cabal’ or ‘Destroy the Walkers’, although some specific events they are only on one planet.

Note: The locations of public events are provisional, we are still discovering them. They may appear on more planets than we indicated .

Excavation Cabal (Dead Zone Europe, Nessus)

This heroic event is one of the easiest to activate, since we just have to take down a ship that flies around the event. Each time you shoot, shoot all your artillery, especially if you have the super charged, and keep in mind that you can continue shooting even when it is far away in the sky. If it escapes you the first time nothing happens, since it always returns a second time. Once you have destroyed it, the Heroic Event will begin, in which a particularly hard Cabal will appear.

Destroy the Walkers (Dead Zone Europe, Titan)

In this event when the huge Walker appears and we have damaged enough, drop shiny spheres, which we can catch. These serve to open two devices on each side of the three domes, within which there is a rocket launcher. If we can open the three domes , the Heroic Event will be activated, with a second Walker appearing.

Lumen Extraction (European Dead Zone)

Shortly after beginning the extraction in each of the zones, if you notice a small generator appears in the surroundings , which transmits energy to the perforated one. What we have to do is destroy this machine , something that we will have to do three times, in each of the extraction zones. Once we have achieved the heroic Event ‘Defend the lumen’ is activated, and we will have to get into the lumen circle and wait long enough to capture it . During this process enemies will not stop coming, but it is easy to get it if you are several players together.

Witch Ritual (Titan)

Soon after starting this event the first thing we have to do is to eliminate the two witches that appear. Once we have it we will have to go inside one of the two yellow circles of the ritual, and if you look at the portal where the enemies appear, in the upper right and left, there are gray domes, which we must shoot . We have to break both, always firing into the power circles. After destroying them the Heroic Event will be activated, appearing an abyssal champion that we must defeat.

Plague of the possessed (European Dead Zone, Io)

In this event appears a large black sphere in the center, and smaller ones to the surroundings, within a power domes. What we have to do is enter into the domes , and when leaving, for about two or three seconds, shoot at the great black sphere of the center, which we can only damage during this brief period of time, after leaving one of the domes. You have to repeat this action several times: enter an energy dome, go out and shoot, and re-enter. This event moves up to three times, and if we manage to destroy the big black sphere, the Heroic Event will be activated, having to defeat the Sorcerer, a great enemy.

Drilling Equipment (European Dead Zone)

In this event what we have to do is eliminate the psionic infiltrator , and if you look at the huge structure will open some vents , orange, that we will destroy . When they open the area begins to heat and hurt us, but we have to hold inside the dome to be able to shoot these vents. You have to do this up to three times, at different points in the structure. Watch out for the last vent, which appears right in the area below and it’s easy to not see it. When we have destroyed all three, the Heroic Event will begin.

Interrupts construction Vex (Nessus)

If you look around this event there are three circular metal plates on the ground , and if we stand on them will begin a capture process . When we have captured all three, the Heroic Event will be activated, and we will have to endure the position before abundant and difficult waves of enemies. It is necessary to avoid that the vex self-destruct next to the main nucleus, so it is necessary to be very careful keeping the position.

Ether Replenishment (European Dead Zone)

In this event what we have to do is quickly destroy all the little servants that appear to feed the big one, which is the main objective of the event. If we do it fast enough the Heroic Event will be activated, and the main servant will become much more difficult.