Destiny 2 – Maximum Damage

Destiny 2 Guide – Do maximum damage as a team

If you want combos with your peers to have the maximum effect, find out how in the Destiny 2 guide

Although you should focus on raising your power level to make your guardian powerful, the truth is that all three Destiny 2 classes can work very well together if they learn to coordinate. To increase the damage per second, you’ll want to review the tips in this Destiny 2 guide.

For this to be possible we will review the best combinations of subclasses for the rest of the team to work better. It may seem a bit minor, but in places like the raid you will need to maximize your abilities or do the maximum damage, something that will be more possible if you combine well what we will mention next.

The first thing that is essential in the formation is a Sorcerer who has the subclass that allows him to have the ability Empowering Rift, which allows to create a field in which any ally that is inside receives an instant increase of the damage. This is a good strategy, but in this Destiny 2 guide we have others.

There is a lot to tell about the game, much to know whether you are newbie or you already come tanning raids of the original Destiny. In this house you will find everything you need to become a good guardian. Today we leave you with a guide that explains what the Power in Destiny 2 is, and also a special centered on all Destiny 2 trophies to get the platinum.

Another of the subclasses that will help you increase your equipment damage in Destiny 2 is the Titan Quiebrae. Its blows with the hammer will cause the damaged enemy to lower their defenses for a short period of time that the other players can take advantage of to make devastating combos, something that we believe crucial in this guide of Destiny 2.

The key to increasing team damage is for the rest of your squad to be aware of when each of the guards will launch a super, then activate the shield that increases the damage or throw the hammer that lowers the enemy’s defense. Sometimes, Destiny 2’s best guide to raising the damage is voice chat.

The best support

In order for the two strategies mentioned in this guide to Destiny 2 to take effect, there is nothing better than having the Hunter Night Stalker subclass, which may be the most favored and useful option. of combining other attacks, almost seems made for that function.


The key to the last mentioned subclass of the hunter is that it launches a vacuum attack that slows down enemies and leaves them completely vulnerable to any kind of attack. This class should be Destiny 2’s guide to combining the attacks, as it should be the first to launch yours so the rest can be combined.

With the strategies mentioned will increase your damage in equipment in percentages ranging from 25 to 50 percent if the combo is done at the right time and synchronizes well. The best guide of Destiny 2 to get it is to practice outside the raids and then head on to do them taking advantage of everything learned.

Although we have mentioned three subclasses that we think are crucial to make combos, if you have another Destiny 2 guide to increase the damage in equipment just mention it below. It’s the good thing about Bungie’s work, the great range of possibilities it offers to devise our own strategy. Good luck, guardian!