Where to find legendary fish Red Dead Redemption 2

In Chapter 2, after completing the third of John Marston’s “Flammable Hopes” quests, you will unlock the “A Men’s Fisher” quest. After talking to Abigail, you’ll have to take little Jack to go fishing. Completing the task will definitely unlock fishing.

Where to find legendary fish Red Dead Redemption 2

There are 14 Legendary Pisces in Red Dead Redemption 2 , and you can find them at any time, but we advise you before dealing with a particular secondary quest that will allow you to get a map with the location of all the legendary species.

The mission is called “A Fish Fisherman” and will start talking to Jeremy Gill, a fisherman who is northeast of Flat Iron Lake, who will donate the map

Now, you have to get three special lures, which you can buy in stores for $ 20 each. To be precise, the baits you need are the Special River Bait, Special Lake Bait and Special Swamp Bait. Below is a list of all Legendary Fish, where to find them and which baits to use:

  • Perch Branchie blue – special lake bait: you’ll find it at Lake Flat Iron, between the shore and the island south of Clemens Point.
  • Fish Nebulous Cat – special river bait: you will find it in Isoladi Sisika, west of the penitentiary and east of Saint Denis.
  • Spotted Catfish : this is the final fish of the Pisces Fisher quest and is obtained after capturing and sending the other legendary species to Gill.
  • North American pike – special river bait: located just southwest of the Horseshoe Overlook encampment in the Dakota River, northwest of the Flatneck station.
  • Lake Sturgeon – special river bait: it is located under the bridge to the south of the railway leading to Saint Denis.
  • Boccalone – special river bait: located in the San Luis River, south-east of Don Julio Lake, south of Armadillo.
  • Lucio dal Naso Lungo – come out from the swamp: it is located in Lagras, on the north-western tip of the Lakay peninsula
  • Muskie – special river bait: at the foot of the lighthouse located in the Van Horn commercial station.
  • Yellow Perca – special lake bait: located at Elysian Pool, southwest of Annesburg.
  • Red Fin’s Pike – special lake bait: in the larger basin of the Stillwater Torrent, east of the MacFarlane Ranch.
  • Perca di Scoglio – special lake bait: from the Auroa Basin pier, west of Blackwater.
  • Perch Trout Dolomieu – special lake bait: in Lake Owanijila, west of Strawberry.
  • Red Salmon – special lake bait: in Lake Isavella, west of Grizzlies.
  • Rainbow trout – special river bait: it is located at Williard’s Rest, near the waterfall that lies to the northeast of the border of the world map, north of Annesburg.