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Unlimited Crafting Divinity Original Sin II

Crafting Divinity Original Sin II

Divinity Original Sin 2 has finally come to PC and does so with all the depth of the tactical RPG combat of its original delivery, an experience with an old touch full of nuances, extras and elements to consider. Today we will review the crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2.

The Crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 is a system that has been substantially improved compared to the original game, much more complicated and unintuitive, but the recipes this time are clearer and more accessible. Then we tell you when you can start crafting.

Original Divinity Crafting Sin 2

How to Make Original Divinity Crafting Sin 2

You can start crafting Divinity Original Sin 2 at the same time you have collected the first materials, as long as they are compatible and are part of the same recipe. With the right items you can cook food that increases the speed of restoration, potions and so on. Here’s how to do it.

To do the crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 you must go to the inventory by pressing the “I” key and then take a look at the items you have in the inventory, to the right of the screen. This done, you just have to right click on the item you want to use and press the “Merge” option.

Activating this option will open the crafting window of Divinity Original Sin 2, where you can select to add other ingredients that will be combined with the first one. But it’s no use knowing how to combine objects if you do not know what the best combinations. We bring them to you.

Original Divinity Crafting Sin 2

Crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 – The best objects

We started with the crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 focused on potions: Minor Healing Potion (Empty Potion Bottle + Penny Bun Mushroom), Medium Healing Potion (Healing Potion + Healing Potion + Medium Healing Potion + ), Huge Healing Potion (Healing Potio + Healing Potion). As you see, the combination of two equal potions always results in a better one.

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Other items that you should memorize in Divinity Original Sin 2 crafting are the Elixir (Empty Potion Bottle + Yarrow Flower), Physical Armor Potion (Empty Potion Bottle + Amadouvier), Small Potion Bottle (Empty Potion Bottle + Whisperwood). With these three potions you can recover the most important indicators of the game.

There are other items that you should add to the crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 such as the Empty Potion Bottle + Chanterelle, Empty Potion Bottle + Drudanae or potions against fire, air, land and water, which begin by combining with an empty bottle and Guepinia Mushroom, Jellyroom, Earth Tongue Mushroom and Bluegill Mushroom respectively.

Original Divinity Crafting Sin 2

Experience Divinity Original Sin Crafting 2

Think that we have reviewed the most important objects for the crafting of Divinity Original Sin 2 as are the potions that regenerate your indicators and also those that reinforce your elemental and general defenses, but there are many other combinations that will be useful. Discover them!