Treasure hunt of Le Tresor Des Morts Red Dead Redemption 2

Le Tresor Des Morts is a secondary mission of Red Dead Redemption 2 available exclusively for players who have purchased the Special or Ultimate version of the game. Who is in possession of the standard version of the game will not be able to get the maps in any way.

Le Tresor Des Morts – Part 1

First you need to find the map, located in Limpany. For the uninitiated, this is the burned old town north of Flatneck Station . In one of the burned out buildings there is a safe with gold inside. Taken the money proceed towards the stone prison . Inside there are 2 corpses of prisoners in the cells. The map is next to one of these. If it does not exist, it means that you have not booked the Special or the Ultimate Edition.

Collect the map and examine it to get the clue that will take you to the next map.

Le Tresor Des Morts – Part 2

You will have to go to the port of Saint Denis and look for a large building called  Cornwall Freight Station .

The map is located in the underground passage that connects the building to the bay. From Arthur’s position in the screen above, go left and go down. Then stick to the wall to the right and continue until you go into the water.

Do not worry, the sea level is not higher than a meter, so keep going until you reach a steel gate that leads to an underpass. That’s where you’ll find the map, behind a pile of mud, near the only chest in the corridor. You should also see an X carved in a beam.

Le Tresor Des Morts – Part 3

The new clue is a rhyme that takes you straight to the cemetery of Saint Denis . To the west of the central structure there is a mausoleum with stained windows . Enter us and look for a hole in the left wall. You will find 5 gold bars to sell for $ 500.00 each.