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Total War Warhammer II Guide

Total War Warhammer II Guide

A strategy game from the depth and complexity of Total War: Warhammer II can be made very uphill during the first steps of the game and therefore, in Vandal, we want to offer you a basic guide so that you can familiarize yourself with the game before starting your first battles

Next, let’s take a look at the new armies that will be available in this installment, as well as give you some tips that will be useful to be successful during the first innings of your campaign.

Four new armies to fight

Total War: Warhammer 2 gives us the possibility to fight with four new armies, each with its own special characteristics and mechanics. These armies are as follows:


  • High Elves: One of the oldest and largest races in the Warhammer universe. The High Elves are graceful and noble creatures compared to the rest of mortals. Once upon a time they were the greatest and most powerful race in the world, but, over time, the long and numerous wars have devastated their empire and have caused the race to find itself in the twilight of its days.
  • Dark Elves: A fierce race that is quick to perform attacks having the ability to destroy enemy defenses in the twinkling of an eye making them one of the most dangerous armies in the game. Against them they have the facility of lords to commit treason which, on more than one occasion, can provoke civil wars capable of destroying the most powerful of armies.

We will have at our disposal 4 armies, each with its game mechanics, pros and cons.


  • Lizard Men: The Great Cataclysm condemned their civilization to ruin, but thanks to a handful of Magi Priests Slann this race is still alive and hoping to reemerge from its ashes. The Lizard Men seek to restore the order of the world and have dangerous warriors with hides harder than any armor, capable of sowing terror on the battlefield.
  • Skavens: One of the largest races and at the same time most despised by the rest of the inhabitants of the Warhammer universe. The Skaven dwell in huge underground burrows and attack their enemies using the Surprise factor. Its apparent physical weakness is compensated by forces of the most numerous that expand like a plague to spread the pestilence and chaos by the New World.


How to access the Total War Encyclopedia: Warhammer II

The Creative Assembly , along with Games Workshop , have had the success of preparing for the launch of the game a complete encyclopedia designed to make players’ lives much easier.

In it we will show characteristics and particularities all the units and factions of the game that are available in a completely exhaustive way so that we know all its details.

This guide is extremely useful and you can access it by right-clicking on the portrait any unit during the campaign, this magic encyclopedia will be opened in which we can access a lot of details of tremendous utility.

Some tips to get started

It is not easy to take the first steps in Total War: Warhammer II and so in Vandal we are going to give you some basic tips when making contact with the game of The Creative Assembly.

Choose an easy army to start

The first games in a game of this type are usually complicated , so in Vandal we recommend that you look with great care the army and the great Lord with which you are going to start your first campaign.

From the outset, we strongly discourage you to go to the Dark Elves or the Skaven in your first contact with the game as they deal with the two sides with a more difficult handling due to their mechanics being more advisable the High Elves or Lizard Men .

Then, within these armies, the game tells us that Tyrion in the elves and Lord Mazdamundi in the lizards are the two lords with an easier start in the campaign so, at least in a first contact, we recommend that choose one of these two.

Always watch the position of your troops, protect your settlements

It is very important that, at all times, on the tactical side vigiles the position of your troops and the movements of the enemies. We must try to have all our settlements protected or with some army nearby to be able to face some enemy that wants to surprise us.

The position of your troops, both in the tactical part as in the battle will be fundamental so we advise you not to neglect even a single second.

Beware of Public Order and Loyalty

Maintaining public order in all provinces will be important in order not to have riots that provoke the villagers themselves to rise up against us and create a problem out of nothing.

In addition, in this new installment the Lords that we recruit with the Dark Elves or the Skaven will have a Loyalty index . The lower it is, the more likely that that lord and his army will turn on us, occasionally causing great havoc so please recruit lords with a high Loyalty Index whenever possible.

Yes to self resolution, but only in inconsequential battles

The auto resolution is a truly useful tool that speeds up games and allows resolve battles automatically with a single click based on the number of units and the strength of each army to simulate the battle.

This tool is advisable , but only in those battles in which the chances of victory are high because, when the balance is more balanced, we will always outperform our troops if we decide to look at the battlefield.

Look for flanking and attacks by the rear

If you have played Warhammer’s table strategy game, we will not need to tell you this, but always, always, always try to take advantage of the enemy’s flanks and rearguard .

To perform these attacks it may be advisable to have troops hidden in the woods or use mounted units that can move quickly and seek the weakest points of the enemy army. The impact and the carnage that we will make among its ranks if we successfully carry out one of these attacks can decant the balance in our favor and lead us to victory.

Use the powers of the lords

In Total War: Warhammer II the combat power of the generals or lords is much greater than in the rest of Total War games so we recommend that you always l is giving some type of use in battle .

Command them to fight with your troops and use all their special powers or spells that will be of great help to you to win the combat.


Of course, using them does not mean turning them into kamikazes so keep an eye on them because their death or flight will cause victory to become a chimera.

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