Top Secondary Simpsons Characters

Whats are the secondary simpsons characters? The Simpsons has five main characters. They are Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, members of the family residing at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield (Neither state idea, USA). Throughout its 618 episodes, distributed in 28 seasons, appear many other personages.

His interventions vary depending on the season, what main character appears most at any time or, basically, the desire of the screenwriters. A 27-year-old Irish student has analyzed which secondary character is the most prominent appearances he makes in the series. This is the result.

The chart is signed by Nathan Cunningham , a graduate student in Statistics at the University of Warwick (UK). His method is as follows: “I have scanned each chapter synopsis on Wikipedia, so I can record the number of episodes in which a character appears prominently in the series,” says Verne by private message On twitter.
You can read more about its methodology in this link .

Chart Secondary Simpsons Characters

As can be seen in the chart above, the secondary character that most prominent appearances in the series is Mr. Burns. After the owner of the “excellent” nuclear power station appears Moe Szyslak, responsible for Homer’s favorite tavern.

The bronze drawer is for Ned Flanders, a neighbor of the Simpson family. All of them are characters very closely related to Homer, the protagonist of the series.

The next three are usually accompanied by the other male family, Bart. They are Milhouse, director Skinner and Krusty the clown. From the seventh to the tenth position we find Chief Wiggum, Grandfather, Lenny, and Carl.

All the secondary characters mentioned so far are men. That is, according to Cunningham’s study, not one of the ten main supporting characters of The Simpsons is a woman.

In the eleventh place is Selma, Marge’s sister. We did not find her twin, Patty, up to the 17th position. They are the only two women in the 20 positions counted. Selma has more plots: her marriage to supporting actor Bob, her marriage to Troy McClure, her fight to adopt a child, “he added.” I did not expect them to be that far apart. Irish.

Your chart has captured the attention of the internet through Reddit . Unsurprisingly, Cunningham declares himself a lover of the series: “The chapters that I like the most are those of the first seasons.” On its website, it includes another chart in which it limits the statistics to the first nine seasons. This is the result, with some representative changes.