TOP 10 TIPS & TRICKS YOU NEED TO KNOW About Sleeping Snorlax Event In Pokémon GO! (2019)

Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know About Sleeping Snorlax Event In Pokemon GO! 100% Catch Rate?! Pokémon GO High Level F2P Gameplay! ★ Hey guys, welcome back to another Pokemon GO video! In this video I will be sharing some very interesting information about Sleeping Snorlax that you probably didn't know! When Sleeping Snorlax was first released, I wasn't actually going to make this video because I thought it was pretty straight forward. However, lots of new information came to light regarding the catching process and how certain techniques are rendered useless against it. Sleeping Snorlax will be here until June 3rd at 1 PM PDT, so make sure to take advantage of this amazing opportunity while you can! 🙂 Top 25 BEST Pokemon To Power Up! (2019) Want More Guides/Tutorials?! Subscribe For New Videos Every Week! Instagram:
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