The Undercut Hairstyle

Popularly it is said that a man is elegant ‘from head to toe’ and the Undercut Hairstyle is one of this reason. Just as you should not look down on shiny shoes or white sneakers (full trend this summer), you should not neglect what we do up there.

A well cut hair, properly combed and stylish can tell you much more than an impeccably ironed shirt. The most influential celebrities and personalities are aware and that is why a large number of them have opted for a very defined style in their haircut: the undercut. 

If you have noticed a little bit surely you have already seen it. Maybe you do not know someone directly (perfect opportunity to be the first) but actors, singers, footballers and other ‘public-popular’ people have been proud of him for some time. Its popularity is rising like foam especially in urban centers, always more ‘predisposed’ to accept any trend or novelty.

And is that the undercut has been a style adopted decades ago by the punk and gothic movement , and especially popular in cities like London or Berlin. Although inquiring more in its origins, who really taught us this cut for the first time was the chameleon David Bowie back in the 80s.

Today urban tribes such as hipsters and non- tanipers (all depends on the frondiness of your beard ) Embrace this new style giving it a different personality and promoting its continuous evolution. Although for tribe with power of diffusion are the soccer players, lovers of everything new and differentiating,

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And is that the undercut supports many ways to carry it. As first and foremost, the sides and back of the head should be worn very short, very much. The upper part already depends on the taste of the consumer, accepting several lengths but always with a noticeable difference between both parties since that is the differentiating key. Otherwise, the long part can be carried in many ways. 

For more formal occasions you can choose to comb it back and fix it with gomina. For a more urban style you can bet on something with more movement, flanked and fixed with lacquer. But if you really want to stand out you can also give it a rockabilly roll and play it with an outstanding tupe with a shiny finish, helping you with some wax to model it.

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David Beckham, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Justin Timberlake, Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann and even David Bowie. Nobody can resist making a difference and in my opinion you should not do it either!