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6 Signs Someone Is Lying

The way your nose grows when you lie, it’s not true. Increasingly hear of non verbal language and interpretation of gestures as tools to analyze which means thee behavior of people and if matches what they say or do. This is not how you are going to notice or recognize the signs someone is lying. As Dr. Gwendolyn Seidman explains , in reality these kinds of behavioral assessments are based on hunches and intuitions about what we see. However, the […]

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Scientists teleported an object into Earth’s orbit

Chinese scientists say they have succeeded in teleporting particle of photons from Earth to a satellite that orbits 1,400 kilometers (about 870 miles) away from our planet. For many, however, teleportation evokes something much more exotic. Is a world that was once confined to science fiction becoming a reality? Somehow yes, but it is not […]

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What’s Inside a Black Hole?

What’s Inside a Black Hole? Could we get into a spaceship in one of them?. Mathematics Hannah Fry and geneticist Adam Rutherford plan to answer several on their show “The Curious Cases of Rutherford and Fry,” chose to start with this one. “Sounds fun!” Exclaimed Fry. “Nobody knows much about black holes, that’s why they’re so […]