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How to Momentum Crossover in NBA 2K18

Momentum Crossover Guide in NBA 2k18 Steps of the Momentum Crossover in NBA 2k18 To make a single momentum Crossover we would have to: Hold R2 on PlayStation or RT on XBox We passed the hand ball with the right joystick, if we have it

NBA 2K18 Archetypes

NBA 2K18 Archetypes Guide – Character Creation There are many questions that you should know about the archetypes so we will try to solve most of them and give you ideas so that you can create a good character. So let’s start by explaining the operation:

TOP NBA 2K18 players

Top NBA 2K18 players We show you the best possible choices, first in general and then for each position: 1- Lebron James (USA) – 97: He plays as a forward in the Cleveland Cavaliers 2- Kevin Durant (USA) – 96: Play as a forward in