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Clash Royale – Legendary Cards

Probability of Legendary Cards Clash Royale At the moment we explain all the ways to get legendary cards in Clash Royale, . But now we are going to analyze the probabilities of each method so that you know the best way to spend your gems. The

Free cards in Clash Royale

How to get free cards in Clash Royale   Shop: The store always has common cards from the beginning of the game. Their appearance is random and their starting price is 2 per card, increasing by 2 more for each additional card you buy. Safes: In all the

Clash Royale Chests

The Secrets of Clash Royale Chests How to Know the Cycle? In the next section we will explain in more depth that coffers exist in Clash Royale, what can be its content and how to obtain them. In addition, we will advance some trick to be able

Clash Royale Free Gems and Chests

Clash Royale Free Gems Many are those who constantly ask about the way to get gems or coffers, especially supermágicos or legendary, for free. The truth is we are not going to fool you, if you do not do the application (which will mean the banning of the

Clash Royale Arenas

Clash Royale Arenas Training Arena This is the arena where the tutorial is developed. Unlock the following cards: Arrows, Bomber, Gentleman, Archers, Mosquetera, Giant, Fireball, Mini Pekka, Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army and Witch. Stadium duende is the first competitive arena with which we find ourselves