So You Want to Main Ymir | Builds | Counters | Combos & More! (Ymir SMITE Guide)

Ymir is the cutest big boi – In this Guide, we're exploring SMITE Norse Guardian Ymir as a Support and damage. We'll be covering his abilities, combos, attack cancelling, builds, counters, what not to do and general combat tips. This will be from a Conquest perspective but don't worry, you can easily implement this Conquest guide into other game modes such as Siege, Clash, Assault, Arena, Joust etc. I hope this guide has helped you in some way, whether you're a beginner to an advanced player. Leave a comment and like if you've enjoyed the video! Let me know what other Gods you would like to main next, I hope to catch you for the next one! Thank you for supporting me 🙂 ★ Subscribe & click the bell SMITE content! ★ INSTAGRAM:
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Music by Joakim Karud

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